Event Participation

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing with you an event I participated in last year (before covid) and what I learned from it.

The event was run to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities Ottawa in support of their Meals That Heals program. It was not specifically a networking event, but I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people there in the dance industry that I will never forget. I was there to perform a 10 minute dance routine with 3 other girls. We were part of the entertainment that night along with some other really talented dancers. All of the dancers sat together and ate together before the performance. We got to know everyone really well and even though we all did very different types of dance, it was really fun to get to know everyone.

I do not have a better picture of the event than this one unfortunately.

At this event I met Inga Petermann who is a professional tribal fusion belly dancer, and two professional ballroom dancers Mikhail Kudriashov and Laura Jeffs. While getting to know each other we all learned what type of dance each person practiced. Mikhail and Laura are professional ballroom dancers and compete nationally. I learned a lot about other styles and how each of them got into the dance industry. While it is good to know people that do the same style of dance as you, it is also a great asset to know people that practice other styles so you can learn as much as you can about the entire industry. I explained how I had only entered the dance industry a few years ago and did not grow up in it like most of them. While I love dancing and performing, I do not practice competitively. I have done some competitions but those were one time events. The dancers I met, they dance professionally and practice most days of the week. I learned how much dedication and commitment they put into their passion just to compete and do shows.

When I first started dancing I had started later than everyone else and felt behind the first few months. As I gained more experience and fell even more in love with dancing, I wanted to practice every day and as much as I could. I considered competing and doing professional shows with much more dedication to this passion of mine. I still currently just dance for fun and do not make money from it, but I still love doing performances anywhere. The idea to start competitively is still in my head, although after meeting these incredible people I have decided that this might be just a fantasy of mine. While I do believe I could achieve this dream, I realized the commitment it takes to live this lifestyle. I got to learn how much practice it takes to perfect every single move and how much time it takes up. To be committed means sacrificing friends and family time just to practice. I am not saying these people do not have a “social” life, as this is what they love to do. I am just saying that I do not think it is the best option for me. I have come to the acceptance that I can keep that fantasy as a dream and just keep having fun while dancing.

One thing that I remember was my dance teacher saying after the event “I love seeing other people perform before or after us. It gives the audience an insight into dancing the many different kinds of styles” This is so true because typically people get dancers from only one style and while that is also nice, the variety gives everyone a taste of different styles. 

Would I do this all again? 100% yes. Once we are allowed to gather in public like this again, I would love to attend more events and meet more incredible dancers. Once the pandemic is over I am looking forward to socials again. These are typically weekly events at a studio or dance space where they teach a salsa (for example) lesson from 6-7pm and then 7-10pm is just having fun and dancing with everyone there. Even these small events are super fun and I have met most of my dance friends there. Meeting people in this industry is my favourite thing about dancing because it gives me the opportunity to experience more dance styles.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this event I went to and how it affected my view on the dance industry. Comment down below an event you participated in and gained a lot of insight from.

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