Blog #1: Rocky Mountain Adventure

Long before there was a global pandemic, we could travel freely without a care in the world. My last vacation was in February 2016 when my mom and I had a girl’s weekend in the beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta. I grew up about a short drive from the Rocky Mountains, but I still get a chill every time I visit due to how majestic they always seem to be. Even on a grey day, I’m always in awe. I was living in BC at the time, so I hopped on a flight to Calgary, and we started our weekend. Like any proper road trip, we grabbed breakfast, coffee and away we went to enjoy what was to be one of the most magical weekends I’ve experienced. Now, I’ve been to Lake Louise before when I was a kid and always thought, “I’d sure love to stay in the castle-looking hotel on the water,” and to my surprise, that’s precisely where we were staying! The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

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Our hotel from the lake.

Every year they have an ice sculpting competition that shouldn’t be missed. However, if you are not a fan of crowds like my mom and I, wait a week or so and head to Lake Louise. The sculptures are still fresh, and it’s not nearly as busy, so you can get up close and see every detail! If ice sculptures aren’t your thing, you can always rent some skates and join a quick game of hockey that is always on the go, right on the lake with a killer view! Speaking of views, when you’re in the Rockies, you’re surrounded by such beauty it can be hard to describe, but when you stay in a resort in the middle of all that, you might be lucky enough to have a room with a view to admire the moment you wake up.

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The view from our room!

While every hotel has its pubs and generic dining, the Chateau Lake Louise has something a bit more. Walliser Stube. A swiss pub-style (although kid-friendly) fondue experience. I was never a fan of fondue until we ate here our second night. We started with the cheese fondue and were told by our waiter to try not to eat it all as it was so filling, followed by a main course of steak with the best potatoes I think I’ve ever had, but nothing prepared me for dessert. Toblerone chocolate fondue with fruit, marshmallows and banana bread for dipping. If you visit and your counting calories, give yourself a break for a night and try this place guilt-free.

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Dinner and dessert. We were so full.

Although our trip seemed hard to top so far, along came our final full day where we were going dog sledding. It had been a bucket list item of my mom’s and something I never thought I would do, let alone in the mountains, but we were on our way! We got up early, grabbed a coffee and headed down the mountain to a staging area with Kingmik Dog Sled Tours. We signed up for the Great Divide Tour, and although it is a bit costly, it was worth every penny. My biggest surprise was the size of the dogs! I had these big huskies in mind, but they were only roughly 40 lbs! We were assigned our guide, introduced to our team and learned all about how each dog has a specific spot, some of which due to personality conflicts! We got our safety briefing, and we were off. I can’t describe the feeling my mom, and I got while we were in the sled with any other word except magical. It was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced and something I can’t wait to share with my daughter one day.

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Our view from the sled
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one of the sled dogs “Copper” and Myself.

Have you ever been to the Rocky Mountains? If so, where did you go? Let me know xo.

One thought on “Blog #1: Rocky Mountain Adventure

  1. Hi Sarah,
    What an amazing trip you had with your mom!
    I love how you tried new things including that incredible-looking fondue. I would have had to stop at the cheese fondue and the chocolate fondue .. don’t think I could have eaten a steak in the middle of those two courses!
    It would be tempting to just stay in your room and look out the window and drink coffee all day. Dog sledding is cool. I used to guide dog sledding trips near Deep River in Ontario. But the views were nowhere near as spectacular.
    I do hope you can share a wonderful experience like that with your daughter one day.
    Take care,

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