The Quarantine Trend our Waistlines Needed

When Ontario went into the first lockdown, my sister asked me if I would download TikTok and create an account to follow my nieces. I am the “cool aunt” so they didn’t mind me seeing all their cool dances, but mom was off limits. I continuously told people that I had only downloaded it to monitor my nieces but I had fully fallen down the rabbit hole.

TikTok is the newest and greatest video sharing app that allows content creators to create anywhere from 3-60 second video clips of quite literally anything they want. It was originally “”, in which creators would create videos of themselves lip syncing and dancing. When TikTok took off in 2019, it was flooded with dancing videos and dance challenges, but now it has anything from “put a finger down” challenges, to people sharing recipes.

The hashtag #FetaPasta has been viewed 585.1 million times. Other variants of the hashtag #bakedfetapasta (77.5 million) and #tomatofetapasta (8 million) which means that a collective 670.6 million people have watched what has been dubbed the infamous “TikTok Pasta” be created.

Suddenly, all of my friends were sharing clips of their messy buns baking bricks of feta. My sisters were texting me “have you made TikTok pasta yet?” It didn’t take even a full day for me to be on my way to Farm Boy to grab a chunk of feta and a bin of cherry tomatoes.

I was completely head over heels. I sat glaring at my oven for the full half hour waiting in anticipation. I was grateful that my husband was asleep because I devoured every last bite. We have made it several times since and have evolved the recipe into our own each time!

So I’m curious – have you tried the TikTok pasta? If you have, what did you think of it?

Facebook – Have you heard of the TikTok Pasta?

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