The Original Tik Tok: Lasting Impression of Vine

In 2013, a culture-changing app appeared on the App Store in the form of Vine. Vine was a social media network in which people could post six-second long videos that would loop over and over again. The videos could be about anything but would often focus on quick 6 seconds sketches or singing. By 2015, the platform had 200 million users. The platform was a huge hit before eventually shutting down in 2016. While Vine made not is known as well to younger people today, it popularized the trend of video sharing and content on social media platforms. After Vine came around, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook all began to introduce video creating technology into their platforms. Vine also popularized a lot of content creators such as Cameron Dallas, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Bo Burnham, and even singer Shawn Mendes.

Along with bringing people into the spotlight, Vine also introduced a lot of vocabulary into the Millennial/Gen Z crowds. Expressions such as “Yeet”, or “Merry Chrysler” are still said today, or phrases that are instantly known such as “Hi. Welcome to Chilli’s”, “It’s an avocado…thanks”, “THAT’S MY OPINION!!!!”, “Oh my god, they were roommates”. Even though Vine has been shut down, compilation videos still exist on YouTube, and each video has hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

While the platform was successful for it’s impact on culture, it was shut down reportedly due to waining popularity to other social media platforms such as Instagram. It also suffered from being difficult to market on and make profit due to the 6-second videos being too short to advertise. In 2016, once Vine closed for good, many Viners moved to YouTube or Instagram to continue to make content. Today, the hole that was left by Vine has been filled in by Tik Tok, a platform that focuses on short-form videos utilizing music or sound bites to make sketches, cooking, singing and so much more. Tik Tok has taken what Vine start and found a better way to use it. Despite Vine being gone, one can never forget the legacy and the impact of Vine on social media and short-form video content.

What are some of the most impactful Vines you remember? Do you think that Tik Tok would even exist today without Vine being in creation first? Let me know down below.


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4 thoughts on “The Original Tik Tok: Lasting Impression of Vine

  1. Yes, I remember when Vine used to be popular and the talk of the town. Some of the biggest starts today got noticed on Vine. Such as Shawn Mendes which I was able to get a picture with him when I was traveling to LAX, Cameron Dallas, and David Dobrik. I guess you can say Vine paved the way for TikTok.

  2. I can’t say that I ever heard of Vine. Did enjoy some of the clips in the video you attached, especially, the one of the gentleman dancing with his shovel on the ice. That happened to me just a few days ago. I don’t think I was caught on camera though.

    • Glad you enjoyed the compilation. Vine never grew to the success of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Maybe it could have if it didn’t shut down in 2016.

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