I am not a Blogger!

Congratulations everyone, this will be the last Blog that we will have to write for this course. I will be the first one to admit that I have learned a lot through the course, namely how to write Blogs. All throughout the course, I have been keeping a secret from everyone. That secret is: I AM NOT A BLOGGER! Truth be told, I was not a stranger to what a Blog or Blogging mean, just that I was never really interested in doing some myself. For years, I have been a loyal follower of a web page called The Channel from Ingenium through which I have learned a lot about artifacts, history, and special events relating to museums. But, as I said earlier: I AM NOT A BLOGGER! I cannot stand writing down my ideas nor proof reading afterwards.

Image from Pexels.com

Everyone have their own preferences and believe me, I am not trying to push my convictions on others. I used to love reading until I discovered a different way. This game changing medium was audio! Audiobooks have given me a new perspective to how to consume digital content. When I do my house chores or my daily commute, it is very hard for me to read. With audiobooks, I can listen to whatever topic I choose and go on with my daily tasks.

How audiobooks are recorded – Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

So, due to my affinity to audiobooks instead of blogs, I know that I would be better suited to be a podcaster instead.

Photo by Tea Oebel from Pexels

I would actually love doing podcasts. Being able to offer to others great content using a medium that I already love would make it easier for me to enjoy and I know that I would be more passionate about it.

So I ask you my dear readers, which of those two forms of digital mediums would you choose? Please participate in the poll or leave me a comment down below.

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