Blog 6: Up and at them!

Photo courtesy of Tirza van Dijk,

A former manager of mine once told me that he loves his job because every day something unexpected comes his way.  At the time, that idea frightened me just a little—those “out of left field” issues that create momentary bouts of panic.  That was then.  After some years of work experience, I realize how right he was.  It’s the unexpected things that make me want to get out of bed in the morning and go to work.  My ideal job is one with a great deal of variety.  I am an aspiring technical writer, and as I learn more about some of the positions that are available, the ones that appeal to me most are the roles in which a whole range of communication skills are needed.  I could be working on social media postings in the morning, editing an online help topic in the afternoon, and then getting new webpage content ready for tomorrow.  Sometimes predictability can be a good thing—some might view this as stability and consistency. On the other hand, a little unpredictability can be even better. It teaches us to be flexible, to learn new things, and to recognize our real value and interests.  Reminding yourself not to be inhibited by the idea that “I’ve never done this before, so I can’t do it” is part of the path to growth and success. 

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