Is Social Media Affecting Our Mental Health?

Social media can be a positive impact on people lives. It can bring joy to someonones life, it can be an escape hatch for whatever is going on, connecting us with new and old friends. However, what people don’t talk about is the affect social media has on ones mental health.

When one sees a picture on someones social media page it could make you feel insecure. People usually tend to post about the best parts of their lives. Showing pictures on the beach, traveling to different places, and posting pictures with their friends. We all know deep down inside that some of the post we see have been staged, photoshopped but that does not mean looking at them won’t make you jelous or wish you could have what they have.

This could lead to the fear of missing out. That you want to keep up with all the new trends, checking your notification, making sure poeple are liking what you post. Sometimes the fear of missing out can lead to making unhealthy decisions, such as picking up our phones while driving. Which we all know is very dangerous and could potentially put other peoples lives at risk.

Another downside of social meida can have on someones life is how bullying can affect someones mental health, speciffically Cyberbulling. It is easy to send a quick message or comment with a click of a button. People can be so cruel to one another, making fun of how people dress, spinning peoples words or even spreading rumours about one another. Spreading hateful words about someone can really have an affect on someones mental health.

Cyberbulling can lead to depression and anxiety. We all have the impulse to want to read every negative comment that has been said about ourselves. To the point where we will start asking ourselves, why do people hate me? Why is this happening to me? When we don’t get the answers we are looking for we will start to with draw from society and start thinking negative thoughts. Teenager can easily slip into the stage of depression when they are getting cyberbullyed. Especially since this stage of their lives is when they are trying to find who they are. Words can be detrimental on teenagers to the point where they might hurt themselves.

Like I said social media is a great tool to bring people together, bringing joy and happiness to each other. It is just as important to not spread hateful messages and ask yourself would I want this to be said about me?

I’d like to end this blog with one question:

Have you ever felt the negative aspects of social media?

Is Social Media Playing A Role In Your Mental Health?

Is Social Media Healthy?

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