The Social Media Influencer: Is this a real career?

Photo taken by Photobro from Pexels

Social Media Influencer is a new kind of job that appeared at the beginning of the 2010s. YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.… made regular people suddenly become Social Media Influencers by simply posting content or promoting a product on their page. This new marketing strategy is used more and more by companies to attract potential buyers. Social Media is usually dedicated to a younger generation and so from a marketing strategy perspective, companies and businesses needed to start advertising on social media to attract those consumers and what better way to do so than by using people to promote their product. The way these marketing works is that they look at social media and see who is attracting the most views or who has more followers, they approach them after they become more establish and sponsor them with a variety of things which can vary for example from free sample of make-up to a free dinner and even sometimes a free trip. Those Social Media Influencers then share on their page photos, videos, clips, etc.… with the product of the company or business that sponsored them and this way it is a win-win situation for both parties. Social Media Influencers also receive money every time they post something on those social media platforms.

One of the most prolific areas that Influencers are used in are restaurants because everybody goes to restaurants and more often than not, people usually consult social medial before trying out a new place or a new type of food. For a restaurant, the use of Social Media Influencers is less costly than regular marketing strategy like fliers or add in journals. You can read my previous blog on why restaurants should use social media to promote their businesses to learn more on that subject.  Social Media Influencers play a big role in promoting their businesses because they take for example very good picture of their food, put it on their social media pages and encourage people to come and visit their restaurants. Since a lot of the new generation are following those Influencers on social media, they are encouraged by them to go try the new drink at that particular restaurant for example,

Photos taken by Roman from Pexels.

But is Social Media Influencer a career? According to various sources, it is easier for someone to become an Influencer than stay an Influencer because of the competition is very harsh. A lot of Influencers became a millionaire over the years because companies paid them a lot of money for each post they were creating which puts a lot of pressure for new people that want to become Influencer as well. Since those Influencers are relying on businesses and social media to pay them for the things they post online, there is the risk then one day social media will disappear or become irrelevant and all those Influencers will lose their job. Being an Influencer is a very stressful job. After all, they are always trying to be unique to attract more and more followers because they receive money from social media platforms for the numbers of followers they have and if their numbers drop, then so does their pay. So more often than not, Influencers will have to sell something they do not believe in to make sure that they receive a paycheck which can have a huge impact on how they present themselves on the Internet. In the digital world, each Influencer is battling with other Influencers to have control and attract more businesses to their social media pages. This can become a very stressful environment for young people that are trying to establish their mark on the world and probably why a lot of them have a very small career before returning to a more traditional career.

Here below is the point of view of a social media influencer on the fact that her job is not as sustainable as she thought:

So, what do you think about this video? In your opinion, is Social Media Influencer a real job? Can Influencers make a career out of it? What are the impacts on our society in the way we consume new products or new experiences?

Looking forward to reading your comments on these questions,


10 thoughts on “The Social Media Influencer: Is this a real career?

  1. What an interesting blog idea! Social media has evolved so quickly! When I began University a mere 11 years ago, a career in social media didn’t really exist. Nowadays, there are so many options for careers involving social media.

    Influencers are among the some of the highest earners in todays day and age.

    It makes you wonder what opportunities there will be for the next generation as well.

    • Thanks for this comment. When I also first started university a decade ago, nobody would have predicted that somebody could make money off social media by simply promoting products or experiences.

  2. This was such a great Blog, I really did enjoy reading your thoughts on social media influencers. I totally agree with your point on how influencers play a significant role in promoting business.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I think that Influencers do play a big role in the digital world and this is a new way to do marketing for those businesses.

  3. Being an influencer could be sustainable, or it could be your 15 minutes of fame. I agree with her comments in the video that if you don’t give it a shot, you’ll never know. However, my suggestion is don’t “quit your day job” maybe until you start seeing and retaining the bling.

    • I totally agree with you regarding the fact that people often think that they will be famous rapidly but it takes a lot of work to become famous on social media.

  4. That is a great topic CATTHI!

    I believe that social media influencer is not sustainable but can lead to a great career in marketing because of the transferable skills that one develops while doing the tasks required to be an influencer. Making oneself marketable is basically the end goal of the game and, by attracting businesses to sponsor them, influencers are able to create business bonds that they could later leverage towards other goals if social media becomes more competitive.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Marketing is effectively a good way to move forward with a more sustainable employment once someone becomes less popular on social media for example or if they want more a guaranteed income.

  5. I really enjoyed your take on this, especially the video you have attached, I have heard many friends and current social media creators say the same thing over time, that it is simply unpredictable, and therefor not sustainable. Loved this topic and seeing the different opinions on this as the world of social media evolves.

    • Thank you for your point of view on the subject. Social Media Influencers need to continuously evolve to make sure that they stay on top of each other to make sure that they are still paid for their posts for example.

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