Blog Post #4 – B2C Case Study

Being in the Coronavirus pandemic, big companies have had to use social media to their advantage, To help promote their brands and their reputation, B2C (Business to Consumer) companies have had to change the way they reach. Companies such as Walmart, and even online companies such as Ebay, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and so many more.

These organizations have had to find new ways to reach their target audiences and attract new customers to shop in a different fashion than going in store. Companies such as Amazon and eBay have had to find new ways to keep their already existing customer service base engaged and returning to shop. These organizations are using social media in place of traditional media (such as newspaper flyers) to let people know what deals are going on. Social media is becoming a constant in everyone’s everyday lives and has been a main source of crucial information especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Personally, if I see an add of a product or service that I want or think I would enjoy, seeing an ad or promotion video (ie. movie or tv show trailers for Netflix) would just help me to investigate further and help curve my choices into getting the service or product.

The quality of their posts can be evaluated through using and analyzing the online user’s algorithm to see what they are looking and shopping for. Even streaming services such as Netflix, have had to re-evaluate how they are promoting new shows to be watched with the evolving pace of social media and how people are watching and reading posts.

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