COM0015 – Blog #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

We live in a world where a social media presence is so important. It is hard to believe there are still companies out there who are not utilizing social media to benefit their business. Some companies who are really doing social media well are Ottawa Public Health and Centre 105 Trinity Drop-In Day Program. A company who would especially benefit from a proper social media plan is Michael’s Craft Store.  

Successful Social Media Strategies

The first organization that I would like to highlight as having a successful social media strategy is Ottawa Public Health. I was drawn to this organization as they have been a beacon of hope and information since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. I believe they have a successful social media strategy because they post very relevant and helpful information, while remaining relevant and humorous.  They have successfully managed to relate public health guidelines to many different situations including the Superbowl, mental health initiatives, and reducing misinformation. 

While I have enjoyed watching Ottawa Public Health Posts over the course of the pandemic, a recent personal favourite was their Superbowl Tweet seen here: 

This post shows humour and relates to so many football fans but is also humorous enough for the non-football fan, all while reminding us to stay home and stay safe (the real message). It was clearly well received by their audience with many retweets and replies. Posts like this keep the information out there and continue to conversation between Ottawa Public Health and their audience, as well as outwards to even more audiences. 

The second organization that I would like to highlight as having a successful social media strategy is Centre 105 Trinity Drop-In Day Program. While this is a much smaller organization and currently only on Facebook, it is clear to see they have an impressive social media strategy. Centre 105 is a day program in Cornwall that supplies meals several days a week to those most vulnerable. I was drawn to this organization as I have a soft spot in my heart for those working to make a better world for those less fortunate. It has become obvious that Centre 105 uses their social media to thank their supporters as well as show the supporters what is being done with their donations. 

This post from Centre 105 is one example of them showing how donated money is used to produce meals for those in need. 

As a supporter of the centre, I find this very enlightening. I also tend to share this information quite a bit. By posting this, I think it makes it easier to find new supporters and also allow current supporters to start a conversation with others. Another thing Centre 105 does on social media that I believe makes them successful is thanking people or organizations for donations, like this one:

I think this works well for them as it shows their gratitude, but also allows them to reach a bigger audience by thanking and tagging the organization.

Room for Improvement!

The organization I think needs to adopt or at least improve its social media strategy is Michael’s Craft Store. Michael’s only appears to have a verified Facebook page, and nothing on Twitter or Instagram. While their Facebook page is active, shows great videos, and holiday ideas, I do think they could be posting different types of content as well as using other social media platforms to reach different audiences. 

I think Michael’s is missing out on a huge demographic by not using Instagram and Tik Tok to make crafting and DIY videos. With much younger audiences on both of these platforms, I think they are missing a huge opportunity to connect. Since both those platforms are made for videos – why not show some new craft ideas to a younger audience. I have also noticed that a lot of people hashtag or mention Michaels on Twitter and Instagram, by not being on these platforms they are missing so many interactions and audience growth. 

While Michael’s is on YouTube, I think one area they should focus on is the DIY Bride. Many brides are looking to cut costs and do their own decorating – Michael’s could easily have an entire play list dedicated to bridal ideas such as bouquets, floral arrangements, centre pieces, and more. 

Michael’s is certainly on social media with a large fan base, but I do see a lot of room for improvement for them. I think if Michael’s wanted to create social media objectives, they would be to increase online sales through social media and grow a dedicated audience on new platforms. I think they could achieve this by launching onto the other platforms, and begin making specifically DIY Bridal videos, as well as asking for their viewers to post their home crafts and share those. Everyone likes to be featured by a large company! 

Social media is an important part of doing business. I think businesses should always be monitoring their own social media, as well as that of their competitors to see where they too can improve. Is your company successful in social media? Tell me about your successes in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. Great post – I had the same thoughts when I saw the Ottawa Health Superbowl post. Amazing strategy. I also agree with your review of Michaels. I feel like they should really do more with a social media strategy. Even if they incorporated Michaels craft projects from customers to show all of the possibilities from shopping at their store – there are so many things they could do!

  2. I would have thought Michael’s would have taken the opportunity to use more platforms which could really grow their business. As you mentioned, DIY videos would be an awesome asset to them and TikTok and Instagram are perfect platforms to share this type of content. I’m surprised that they haven’t taken that step yet.

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