It is all about an audience!

              I find the more I engage with social media the better the experience is, but it takes an active engagement not even daily posting on subject matter is good enough it is a matter of engaging with others.  It is my belief that in the future we will have a social media environment that is still toxic but less so because everyone will consciously self censor and dial back their more intense views.  It is my plan then to engage more with my followers and to engage with the people I am following with as much as time spent time crafting posts because no one in the end likes a narcissist and value to the audience is integral.  You can want to dominate social media but without engaging with the audience they will not so if you make it as much about them as it is about you, they will be more inclined to help you on your journey in your field through social media.

Tweet to your heart’s content unless your heart is rotten!

              Just using a platform is not enough, using its functions is integral such as going Live, post stories and even posting open ended questions directed to others instead of opining on your own greatness to achieve this result.  For people who broadcast on the radio like me I suggest live streaming online as it will grow your audience ever since that is where the audience is so it will attract others to your content on the radio or at least just the live stream.  To be honest, more people will listen to my live stream preshow to my radio show than the actual show itself however you should take the engagement as it comes since less people in fact, listen to the radio.

This is my new formula for growth on YouTube with results to back it up!

              Do not post without thinking, make it thoughtful, habitual and of use to your community so that means take a lot of time with this as this the integral marketing environment you will be in.  Remember that each post is a representation of yourself and what you want so to be hungry but not desperate and be a good citizen of your industry as much as you are a player so then when things are not as great after your climb you will still be in good favor.  Make sure you post but also make sure it is not all the time as that will show and you want to live in the physical world using the online world as a tool for improvement not an end within itself.

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