Blog 5— My personal brand, as explained to me by my colleagues

I got some feedback on my personal brand recently, and it felt pretty good!  A little background: I am about to leave my English teaching position in Korea and return to Canada to the great uncertainty of a job search.  When I said goodbye to my colleagues on Friday, they presented me with a gift. It was a beautiful brass rice bowl—too lovely for daily use, it’s going to be displayed!  Along with the gift, they thanked me for my efforts in making their jobs easier.  As the school’s native English speaker, I was regularly used as a resource for exam preparation, assignment review, and student assessment.  These words of appreciation meant nearly as much to me as the gift itself. It told me that I was part of their team, and that I was doing what the position demanded.  To me, this means more than just a line on a letter of reference that says, “Rob completed his contractual obligations,” because it came from my colleagues, not from the school itself.  In a nutshell, I want this to be my brand.  I want to be respected by my colleagues as the person who can be trusted, who is reliable, and whose efforts are in support of the common cause of the team.  This may sound like I want my brand to be “a cog in the machine,” but I believe that teamwork is something far more important than that.  

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