Blog Post #3 – Targeting Audiences

I love writing. And part of my Public Relations journey has allowed me to focus on those skills. I have also had jobs where I have had to project my social media posts to specific audience.

One job I have had during my two year post-secondary career is curating social media posts for an agricultural education program. When I started thinking about college, I really wanted to dive into the business part of the agriculture industry, and I didn’t have the marks in high school to get into the University of Guelph or Ridgetown. I also had an undiscovered passion for social media that wasn’t uncovered until my first year of the PR diploma program at Conestoga College.

I was given multiple opportunities to do social media for multiple different organizations. One being the Durham West Junior Farmers, a not for profit organization for rural youth. Many of these posts are geared towards youth and the agriculture industry.

A lot of the social media posts is geared around events and trying to get youth more involved in the community. Another organization is an agricultural education program located in Durham Region. Creating these social media posts has allowed me to find new ways to incorporate my love for creative writing and my passion for promotion and social media. Creating posts around a specific audience can be challenging and difficult, but when the engagement rates and interactions with posts come back, you get to evaluate how your posts performed and what you need to change and what you can keep.

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