Writing Styles that Intrigue a reader…

Storytelling has come an extremely long way through history, tracing back to medieval times to tell tales of warfare and ancient folklore. Since then, the evolution of social media and technologies such as the internet has allowed for stories to go “viral” and be shared to audiences word of mouth just couldn’t spread. 

Writing any story needs to have a clear storyline, and in the author’s mind, needs to have the ending to look forward to. For a reader, the beginning of the story is the start of an imaginative journey through the article, as they attempt to put an image to the words. 

Information shared at the beginning of the article or story needs to draw the reader in with the lead or hook, and continue to entice the reader to keep reading, sharing every bit of important information that is humanly possible without giving up the end result. 

Information that could be considered crucial, but really not important is important in communication styles such as social media posts and some forms of news articles. News articles and social media posts alike, similar to a good story, needs to have an enticing hook or lead that makes the target eager to keep reading or follow an action of a social media post. 

Following the inverted pyramid style writing, information that a writer could include but doesn’t doesn’t always make it into the story. And this is where some readers often find themselves lost or further investigating. 

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