Labour crisis…

For more than 20 years, I’ve been supporting and helping my husband to grow and to better his business in the construction industry. I work full-time for the Government of Canada but when I can, I love to help. Like all small business owners, we’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve always managed to overcome the challenges along the way. For most small businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a real game changer but luckily for my husband’s business, Construction Dorion and their employees, the construction industry remains essential in Ontario and business continues as usual with of course, sanitary measures.

Three construction labourers working with masks due to COVID-19 mandatory sanitary measures.

For the past 2 years, the company has been struggling with something else that is also completely out of our control, the labour crisis in our province. We are having trouble recruiting skilled employees to work for our company and realizing that this will be an ongoing challenge for many years to come. A new report from BuildForce Canada warns that the construction industry in Ontario will face a huge shortage of skilled labour over the next ten years and that many construction projects will have trouble finding the workers they need. In fact, more than one in five workers currently employed in construction will soon be reaching retirement. This lack of labour is putting a lot of pressure on business owners and their employees. More than ever, as a company, we need to step up our game and find an innovative and creative way to recruit new employees.

Representation of retiring construction workers in the next 10 years compared to the new labourers entering the work place.

Up to know, we’ve been proven unsuccessful with our Facebook and Kijiji ads as well as our Market Place post’s. This current situation has left us feeling discouraged, frustrated and desperate.

There are so many other ways to reach out to people: having our own website, Twitter, Instagram or or even a LinkedIn account. Having a strong presence on social media and learning marketing skills will most likely help when promoting job opportunities, but is this enough? Should we reach out to foreign countries, which offer vast opportunities?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
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Canadian construction labour demand to intensify over short term; will require more than 300,000 new workers over decade | BuildForce Canada

BC Building Trades call for public inquiry into COVID-19 health and safety –

One thought on “Labour crisis…

  1. Who knew there was a labour shortage with unemployment numbers being so high? From what I hear, Algonquin College has a terrific program for construction trades – have you thought about learning more about programs for their graduates? Good luck on your search, don’t give up!!

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