COM0014 Blog #2 – We Are All Storytellers!

Stories are told in many different ways by many different people.

Close Your Eyes, and Imagine… No wait, don’t! This isn’t a podcast! Imagine a chair that speaks to you so intensely that you would swear you are soul mates!

‘Love At First Sight’

Who do you think should design that chair? Trick question; it’s you, of course, with a little help from Haute Couchair. Together we can create a chair that reveals your love story.

As your creative facilitator, I will take you through the 3 phases of creating your dream chair.

I have broken it down into 3 basic steps:

  1.  Inspection
  2. Analysis
  3. Creation

In the inspection phase, we will scour fabric websites and shops finding fabrics that inspire you most. Once we have gathered at least 5-7 choices we then move on to the analysis phase.

Photo From King Cotton Fabrics

In this phase, we need to do some further research, at this point we will acquire swatches to test the fabrics for colour, texture, sheen, durability (double rubs), etc.

Double Rub Scale for Residential Use

  • Heavy Duty: 15,000+ double rubs. These materials are ideal for busy homes that have pets and children.
  • Medium Duty: 9,000-15,000 double rubs. This fabric grade is still considered fairly durable and may offer a more cost effective option for families on a budget. It is still strong enough to be recommended for use in family rooms.
  • Light Duty: 3,000-9,000. According to wearabilty standards, this fabric will only last 1-3 years before showing noticeable signs of wear. For this reason, light duty upholstery is best for formal living rooms that aren’t used on a daily basis.
  • Delicate Duty: Less than 3,000 double rubs. Because this grade of fabric easily wears, it is typically used for decorative details such as pillows and curtains.

For more information visit:

Pattern mixing quick guides are a great tool for this phase, they further our knowledge and ensure we can move to the next step.

If you want to learn more about this subject, ‘Styling with the Chair Stylist’, Wendy Conklin, is a great affordable mini-course.

However, before moving to our final step, and my personal favourite – creation, together we will complete one final audit to ensure that we are moving forward with the appropriate fabrics.

In the creation phase, it is time to sit with your fabric choices. Breaking them down to 2-3 choices by placing them together discovering which combination speaks to you most. As with any great story your chosen fabrics should provoke an emotional response; this means your design has balance and harmony.

Now that you have designed your first show-stopping chair, you can use these tools and methods for other design problems you may have.

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