COM0014 – Blog #2 – – Storytelling and Communication Style

Before starting a blog, you should know what kind of voice you want your blog to have. This will help with the flow, and consistency. If you chose to have a friendly, happy go lucky voice, you need to stick with it throughout your posts, as this is important for keeping you followers. They expect a certain tone from you, and might be put off if all of a sudden you change your tone without warning, that also goes for the content you share. For example, on my blog, I share funny and up lifting posts about my family, and everything that comes along with being a mother and a wife. If all of a sudden I started sharing political articles I would risk losing my target audience, and the current followers I do have.

You want your blog posts to tell a story that will want the reader to keep going. However, you want to let them know what they will be reading early on. Many readers skim through, and if they see something that catches their eye in the first paragraph, there is a good chance they will keep reading. You want your story to have a good flow and want it to be quality content. Making sure your grammar and spelling is on point will help in delivering quality content. Proof reading is a key component in containing a quality, shareable blog. I have a proof reader for my all my blog posts.

You want to encourage your audience to engage with your posts, and when you produce good quality posts, there is more of a chance your content will be shared. If you want your audience to engage with comments, ask them something specific, for example if you have talked about an activity you have done during the pandemic, ask them to share a favorite activity they have done. Questions like these will entice your audience to leave their own personal stories and engage with your posts.

Resources: Digital Communication, Module 2 Content

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