TikTok: The Best Way to Get Through Quarantine?

Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that 2020 is over. It had its ups and downs (more downs than ups), but I can thank one app for getting me through #Quarantine2020, TikTok.

Believe it or not, I once told myself that I wouldn’t download this app. I thought it was just an app for teens to make videos of themselves dancing and lip-synching, I was wrong. TikTok not only gave me some tips and tricks, but it also gave me the creativity and laughter that I needed.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why TikTok made the dreadful quarantine life a little bit more bearable.

Don’t Be Surprised If You See Your… Chiropractor?

Although TikTok (originally Musical.ly) was once geared towards teenagers, you can find users of all ages using the app. My favourite accounts would have to be animal and baby accounts. Seeing those will brighten your day!

Image Source (Felix Richter, 2020, June 30)

You’re probably wondering why so many users around the world are obsessed with TikTok. I’ll let you in on a few things that dragged me in. I found myself watching videos that I wouldn’t normally search for in other apps, chiropractor videos would be one of them. I will admit, I am one of those people who enjoy the oddly satisfying sounds of the adjustments. Having been to a chiropractor myself, I find those cracks even more satisfying knowing the relief that you get from it.

Duets, Hashtags, and Challenges, Oh My!

The personalization is a *thumbs up* from me. Not only do I get to enjoy those chiropractor adjustments, but I can also follow any account that interests me! From #Beauty, #Medical, #Paranormal, and #CuteAnimal videos, the learning, and laughter never ends. If none of those interest you, you can check out the most popular searches, or hashtag anything you’d like.

Along with hashtags, TikTok has a few other features;

  • Editing Tools
  • Duets
  • Challenges
  • Live Streaming

During the summer, I had my fair share of learning the choreography to different dance challenges. The “Say So”, “Savage”, and “Come Around Me” dance challenge to name a few. Fun fact, I did the #ComeAroundMeChallenge on a zoom work call!

The “Duet” option allows you to make a video alongside anyone, including celebrities. Yes, you can dance with Justin Bieber if that’s what your heart desires. Okay, okay, that’s just what MY #bieberfever filled heart desires. Don’t “sweat it” if dancing isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of TikTok to search through. See anything you want to check out?

You’re Not Alone

With the use of any social media app, there can be a downside. It’s easy to feel like no one relates to you. Many users and professionals are talking about things that most people are afraid to talk about. Sharing stories or information about “embarrassing” topics isn’t camouflaged anymore, which can really help individuals understand their body for example. Something that has helped me is the #MentalHealthAwareness side of TikTok. Hopefully, it can help someone else as well during difficult times.

You can be honest here, have you caved into this popular app? I know you want to. Go on, have fun trying out a new fashion hack or recipe. You can thank me later.

Thank you @TikTok for getting me thru #Quarantine2020 https://wp.me/p3QRy0-qGC

Quarantine wasn’t enjoyable. Luckily, I had something to help me get through it https://wp.me/p3QRy0-qGC

12 thoughts on “TikTok: The Best Way to Get Through Quarantine?

  1. I really enjoyed your blog! Another great example of a relatable phenomenon that we are all currently experiencing. I’ve been on the fence about getting the App, but you may have convinced me!

    • Thank you! It definitely seems like when the pandemic started to rise, so did the use of the app.

      I’m glad I could be convincing. I’d love to hear your thoughts and favourites if you end up getting it.

  2. It’s very true how massive Tik Tok seemingly got since the start of COVID-19. In the beginning, it was all people playing Animal Crossing, baking sourdough bread, or doing Tik Tok challenges. The app has made such a lasting impression that I always see Tik Tok mentioned as one of the required social media in social media related job postings. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when COVID is over if the app will maintain its popularity.

    • It grew with the pandemic for sure. Don’t forget all the banana bread that was made as well!

      That’s interesting that you’ve seen it as a requirement in job postings. If that is becoming a popular requirement then maybe the app will grow even more once covid is over.

  3. I am not a TikTok user. I have, however, enjoyed looking at TikTok postings mostly made by members of my family and friends, and sometimes others, which are quite creative and amusing. I find it interesting that many of these persons would not perform in public but seem to have no qualms about publishing their TikTok videos for the world to see. Looking for some enlightenment.

    • The app can be a very creative outlet for some. For myself, seeing different makeup posts did inspire me to create more looks when I didn’t have the motivation for it.

      That is an interesting point that you have about someone having no problem posting on TikTok but they wouldn’t be able to do whatever it is in public. I feel like it is probably easier to get behind a screen instead of being in front of others. I mean, most of the social media is hiding behind a screen for a lot of people. Could it give that person a boost that they need to eventually come out from behind the screen?

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. I believe TikTok is a great outlet to be creative and portray yourself the way you want to. You are the one that gets to decided what you want to post. The one downside in TikTok I believe is that if you want your video to go viral, you need to post multiple times a day. on occasion one of your videos could go viral. Since its hard to go viral younger users such as teenagers may get discourage or have a low self-esteem.

    • It’s great being the one who decides the content. The creativity is endless on here!

      I agree with the discouragement, I think that’s a downside for any social media platform.

  5. Great blog tittle! It caught my curiosity as I recently had a conversation with a friend over the TikToK app and she couldn’t believe that I didn’t have it yet. I didn’t download the app as I also thought this was for teens and all about dancing videos. After reading this, I think I’ll give it a try. Would love to follow #recipes, #beautytips and #health. I’m just not sure about those chiropractor adjustments…lol

  6. TikTok has been a major source of laughter to me throughout 2020 and into 2021. My friends and I were actually recently talking about how it often boosts our mood. I wrote about doomscrolling on social media but for me, TikTok is often a good balance to the negative. Everything in moderation and balance, right?

  7. I feel an immense sense of relief that I was not the only one who got sucked into TikTok this year! My only draw back is that I am a SERIOUS hypochondriac and I found myself on cancer tiktok one day and it shattered my mental health for a couple weeks – The algorithm really gets you! I did learn the Say So dance though!

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