My Social Media Chronicle

My field of interest is in photography and all though everyone with a smart phone can call themselves a photographer, when paying clients exchange their hard earn money for my services, I had better deliver more skill then pushing a button on my phone. The only way I can do this is by spending time listening and finding the latest trends and what my competition is doing.

I Got My Eye On You

I’m a true believer that there is enough success for everyone, and I never allow envy to creep in as to why I watch the brilliant people in my industry. I use Google Alerts to assist me with trending new gear. Google Alerts allows me to see what’s happening without having to crawl the web myself. Over the last six months, Google Alerts has provided me with a lot of content and most of it was relevant however, at times it would provide me with content that had no relevance except that my search words were in the text.

Brand24 has become another favorite tool of mine to keep an eye on the photography industry. I like that Brand24 allows me to customize my search request and compile it all in one dashboard for me separated by search category I present. Brand24 allows you to test run their product for free before purchasing the tool and I think it’s worth the investment. I tested out a few searches to see how well it would pull information, so I ran a search on Zara, Mr. Koa and Chr8ive (my company). All companies were at different levels of popularity and as expected Zara pulled the most searches and provided enormous amounts of information. When I review the search for Chr8ive, I noticed that one feature on Brand24 shared that I had a negative review. I immediately found out that it was because someone tagged my brand in their post with curse words in the test. I was surprised that Brand24 considered it negative when in our social clement the ‘F’ bomb isn’t seen the same way it was 15-20 years ago.

North, East, West and South

Photo by Griffin Wooldridge on

Keeping up with trends in the photography business can be lots of fun. People are so creative and like internet tools, photography is moving just as fast. There is always new tech for editing or client booking tool or photo printing technique and so on.

My favorite tool to use is Pinterest! Pinterest allows me to quickly and easily keep up with photo trends. As a bonus, because Pinterest is popular, most of my clients share their boards with me for photo ideas and or I send clients brainstorming boards on what to wear to a family shoot or maternity shoot ideas to get them going. They say a picture says 1000 words and when a client can’t convey their desire to me, Pinterest assist our communication and as a result, a satisfied customer. Not only does Pinterest allow me to facilitate communication but provide me with what direction people are heading in for trends. You can see if people are pinning photos of jeans and white t-shirts at the beach and have an idea that this year’s trend will head in this direction.

Photo by Brett Jordan on

I started to use Slashdot to listen to what’s happening with technology. Slashdot provides me with insight on items I would never think to investigate. For instance, I can read a poll on what messaging app people are using and familiarize myself with it, so in the chance that a client would rather use Signal for example, I am ahead of the game. It also allows me to understand the apps capabilities for communication. Will this app allow me to send photos, how long can I keep clint text or who will ‘own’ photos if one is sent via this app. The insight Slashdot provides me may seem a little unorthodox to keep up to date with news and trends for a photographer but any little thing to keep me focused on providing the best customer service is worth thinking outside the box for.

Are you a Pinterest fan? Do you use this tool for your business?

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