COM0015 Blog 1: Tools and Sources

Last semester, I decided to use Brand24 for an assignment, and also to monitor my own personal social media endeavors on top of the company I chose for the class. Google Alerts/Feeder combination has also been extremely helpful.

Brand24: I used the free trial of this application last semester for another class. It was immediately apparent to me how to use it, I enjoyed the intuitive layout. I was impressed by how easy it was to find where people were talking about your content, and I found the report they provided to summarize all activity very useful and interesting. Unfortunately my free trial expired weeks ago, but should I find the budget to use it again, I would do so gladly.

Google Alerts/Feeder: This little combination was essential to my assignments last semester, and I gained an appreciation for listening to and tracking key words. You have to experiment with different term combinations to get the best results, but it has been a great guide for knowing where activity pops up around your terms. I continue to use these apps for my personal endeavors, although since I am a small content creator there is not much for me to track just yet.

Personally, I get most of my news and updates from Twitter and YouTube, which I use as springboards into general searches for more information. Twitter and YouTube may bring a certain topic or update to my attention, which will lead me to seek out more websites to learn more. On Twitter, I have often been able to keep track of trends and important updates using trends and shares. It has also been a valuable tool to gauge my own audience’s engagement, and determine what actions are producing the best results.

I run a webcomic with my significant other, and we have a small following on our socials. These past couple of months have been rough productivity-wise, which resulted in fewer content updates. We tried to make up for the loss with increased social media posting and other forms of content to share. My partner expressed a desire to increase the amount of content he releases per week, which I thought would not be productive in the long run, as he would run the risk of burnout. He already publishes a couple times a week as is.

By listening to our audience on Twitter, and keeping track of our engagement, I was able to dissuade my boyfriend of wanting to publish content more often. Despite fewer instances of published content, our audience engagement has increased significantly. People have been talking about our webcomic on external sites more often, people have been promoting us more. I relayed this information, and told him that we might want to consider that merely increasing our update schedule isn’t the only or more important factor in increasing our reach. There are other, less intensive ways we can build our brand. This is how Twitter has been an essential tool to my personal endeavors in social media.

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