COM0014 – Blog Post #1 – A weekend away, is a weekend well spent!

Being in the middle of a global pandemic has really put a damper on any vacation plasn since March 2020. I had so many plans and high hopes for vacationing with friends this year. Whether it be a tropical vacation or just a road trip, we weren’t even sure it was going to happen as of April 2020. Thankfully we had a couple opportunities that we jumped at while we could.

Living in a small town in northern Durham Region, any chance at a vacation, you jump at the chance. Especially in the summer, a cottage weekend trip was a much needed vacation, and thank goodness we took it when we did.

I have a friend who has a cottage around 2hours away from where I currently live. The week before we left was rough. I also live on a working farm so being short a hand was a blow, especially in the summer when there was a lot to do. But I needed it for my mental health, it was the first time I actually said no to helping someone. And I will say, thank goodness I said no!

We left on a Friday evening and came home on the following Sunday afternoon. It was a weekend that I won’t soon forget. So many memories, laughs, truths being told, and quality time spent with people that I loved. So much good food and drinks and I can’t wait to do it all again (hopefully) in summer 2021!

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