COM0014 – Blog #1: A Roaring Good Time in Florida

In a pre-pandemic time far, far away, my family and I embarked on an unforgettable expedition.  We ventured deep into a wild land of adventure where fiery dragons and hungry teenagers alike roamed the land – in a never-ending search for their next meal.

Feeding time.

Like a safari, a deep-sea adventure or polar expedition, this was a not a journey for the faint of heart. Only the strong, the resilient and those with comfortable walking shoes and an all-access park pass dare to venture in. 

In March 2019, we took the kids to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  

We’re here!

The theme is adventure

Home to the likes of Homer Simpson and Harry Potter, we discovered all-knowing wizards, spectacular castles and magical trains. We flew on broomsticks with reckless abandon, explored majestic castles and mysterious ancient civilizations.

Like true adventurers, we made great discoveries. In our case they were gigantic doughnuts and icy milkshakes. We also stumbled upon blissful respite from the relentless Florida heat. An air-conditioned building is a true oasis for any ride-weary, middle-aged tourist.

What’s that rustling in the bushes?

But our encounter with a true-to-life beast was our most memorable moment of all.

My hubby, kids and I came face-to-face with Blue, a ferocious yet precocious dinosaur. Although fierce at first glance, she seemed to have an affinity for my husband’s hat and ear. Hey, I’m the alpha female here, thank you.

Hey! I’m the alpha female here, thank you.

As the giggling faces attest, being scared was so much fun! For me, this was the best moment of the trip. Although, she didn’t scare me really… When was the last time you laughed so much?

Exit through the souvenir shop please….

After four days of rides, treats and souvenir shops filled with WAY TOO MANY grown-ups in wizarding robes, our vacation came to an end. Our feet were blistered, our antacids depleted and our passes expired.  Proof positive that we had a great time.  So was the never-ending loop of the Harry Potter theme-song in my head. Da, da, dee, dah, dee, daaaa, dah…

Ultimately, we had an escapade complete with adventure and territorial competition.  I’m not talking about the line for the ladies bathroom either.

Photo by Ralph Rabago on

For the kids, it was a big check off the bucket list. For my husband and I it was a chance to just join in the fun and take a break from day-to-day adulthood with gigantic doughnuts and playful dinosaurs. I highly recommend it.

Don’t forget the comfortable shoes.

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