COM0014 – Blog Post #1 – How Snapdragons Saved My Christmas and My Sanity!

This Christmas break was very different; usually Christmas break is filled with family, friends, parties, and all around happiness. Well this year was devoid of it all. Days were spent watching the same Christmas movies over and over and over…

…and over again.

So what did I do to break up the monotony of life during lockdown? Because this blog can’t be about watching TV. Can it?

Snapdragons Saved My Christmas and My Sanity.

Everyday I would wake up like a kid on Christmas morning. I would jump out of bed, run out the door, with  pjs on and camera in hand, to check on my snapdragons. Oh what my neighbours must think.

…oh no, she has definitely lost it…

I guess you must first understand that snapdragons don’t grow in snow… usually.

Snapdragons are truly a short lived perennial that is usually grown as an annual, especially in colder climates. In mild winters or when grown in a sheltered location a plant or two may survive the winter. …

But not these snapdragons, they wont take no for an answer. Every time the sun comes out and the snow melts away, these beautiful blooms would pop back up and just continue blooming as if nothing had tried to take them down.

I will say it again… Snapdragons Saved My Christmas and My Sanity

The vibrant pink and coral buds have inspired both my word and song for 2021. A sort of mantra to keep me going and growing throughout 2021.

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So as the great Freddie Mercury said, “DON’T STOP ME NOW”!

Don’t stop me now
I’m having such a good time
I’m having a ball
Don’t stop me now
If you wanna have a good time
Just give me a call

Don’t stop me now
‘Cause I’m having a good time
Don’t stop me now
Yes, I’m having a good time
I don’t wanna stop at all

“Don’t Stop Me Now” – Freddie Mercury

Starting the year in lockdown, the immediate future looks bleak. BUT all that means is it is time to PERSEVERE.

Let’s bloom stronger than ever before

What is your word or song to keep you going in 2021?

2021 Here We Come!

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