COM0014 Blog 7: Reflection

This course made me think about my story and mold it into something I can share with and present to other people. Not only is this valuable as a business tool, but on a personal level it helps me realize the kind of value my story has to other people around me.

Going forward, knowing my story will help me build a brand I can consistently rely on. I don’t feel quite so horrified at the idea of making my personality into a brand. Now, I feel like I can include my genuine personality in my business, as opposed to creating a “business persona”. The difference comes down to finding what others might connect to in my story, the positive and negative. I think people would connect to my struggle with self-worth as much as they would my empathy for people. Success is all the more inspirational when it comes from struggle, so that is something I now know I shouldn’t hide away at all costs.

Overall I am very grateful for what I have learned in this course, and I am excited to see where my newfound knowledge will guide me.

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