Personal Reflection

It will be interesting to see where technology continues to take humanity as we forge ahead into the unknown. As much as we’d think we can anticipate the future, we really can’t. The COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the most obvious example of this. However, there are so many revelations during this crisis, such as the real capability of performing job duties at home, which can become a permanent fixture once the world returns to some sense of normalcy. This transition could alter the way we spend time with our families and friends that could be of great benefit. I know for myself, this has been a fortunate advantage. It is no coincidence that modern technologies like Zoom and GoToMeeting have allowed us to continue our day-to-day professional careers.

Social media has been at the forefront in all of this, as the communication preference, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, humans are reliant on online messaging. This can be good and bad. I like the fact that small businesses or seemingly obscure individuals can utilize these tools to advance their personal growth, independence and profitability. The global reach that the Internet provides is truly limitless. I will harness these same tools in ways that will hopefully benefit my endeavours as well. Yet, my greatest concern still is the face-to-face disconnect social media has inflicted on us, especially our youth. We’re a species that has communicated vocally for tens of thousands of years and all of sudden a vast majority of human interaction is through texts and online messaging. If anything, the pandemic has shown us how difficult it really is to be away from others. It is something that we should be mindful as we forge into the unknown.

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