COM0014 Blog 5: Brand Jen

In search of my self-worth, my therapist once told me to think of people as an assorted fruit basket. Maybe some people have bright, shiny, delicious apples, some people have squished grapes at the bottom of their basket, and others might have downright rotten plums. We can’t have it all, but we all have qualities that set us apart. It’s within this frame that I remind myself of what I have to offer people, even though at times it may be difficult to see the value in these traits.


I may not be the most outgoing person in the room, and I struggle with taking initiative. I often feel behind my peers, child-like and lost. I’m paralyzed by self-doubt.

You may be wondering why I’m starting this post with my negative traits, and I started wondering that too when I started writing. Maybe it’s to mitigate the guilt I feel for listing my positive traits, for acknowledging them and deeming them valuable in the face of my noticeable flaws. It’s important to recognize our positive traits, though. By knowing what makes us shine, we can work on creating the best version of ourselves, and be confident in what we all have to offer.


So what do I have to offer? I am reliable; I show up on time, every time. I can take criticism, learn from my mistakes and take direction. This is because it’s important to my core character that I do the best I can at whatever I’m needed for, so I put genuine effort into every task I take up.

I am also a positive person. I can smile through negativity and laugh through stress. During this pandemic, my managers at work have thanked me for keeping a positive attitude around my co-workers and helping others feel comfortable. I take pride in knowing I have helped make my workplace more enjoyable and less stressful for people.

I don’t judge people easily, unless they are unkind. I am patient and empathetic, but I will not tolerate malicious behavior. As someone who often felt outside the norm growing up, I don’t want to make people feel as though they have to be perfect for me. Knowing when someone feels comfortable to be themselves around me makes me happy.

One thought on “COM0014 Blog 5: Brand Jen

  1. Wow! Your personal brand post was tremendously great to read! You are a very good writer! Your personal brand tells a good story and captures the essence of your personality.

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