My Personal Brand: The Balkan Cuisine Guy

Photo by Mile

What will set my brand apart from all others? That’s the million dollar question that everyone wished they had an answer for. But I’ve centralized a few principle ideas that will help me achieve this objective. First and foremost, I’m a pretty social and personable individual that likes to listen to others and share stories of past experiences. For me, that is the best way to learn and most interesting. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel around world and I’ve seen so many different human elements encompassing religion, ethnicity, culture, language and of course food. I’ve remained humble, yet observant in these voyages and have absorbed a great deal.

Perhaps my greatest skill that I possess today is my ability to capture video and edit footage like a professional. This is something that I had to learn during the last year for my work, as I’ve created several promotional videos and even a documentary. I wish I can say that I’ve had formal training, but that’s not the case. Rather, hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos of editing and filming tutorials. It was pretty exhausting, but worth it as my projects have been well received by strangers and commended by colleagues. I’ve incorporated certain filming techniques that have become a trademark. Moreover, I select music that fits scenes when necessary, which livens up sequences.

Photo by Pexels

One example of how I’ve improved the look of my videos to make them more professional is incorporating multiple cameras. This allows greater flexibility to switch from different angles during the post-production process. Additionally, implementing movements while filming is an effective technique that provides fluidity and is more visually attractive than simply taking stationary shots.

These skills will be an invaluable asset while developing videos for ‘The Balkan Cuisine Guy.’ So much of cooking is about visual presentation and it is important to approach filming that will make each video stand out. In the end though, it’s all about the food and hopefully tasty results (fingers crossed). As the old adage goes, ‘work before pleasure.’ Wish me luck!

One thought on “My Personal Brand: The Balkan Cuisine Guy

  1. That sounds like an amazing personal brand journey! Greta details on the video techniques. Do you have a twitter handle? I am always amazed at how much unique talent is available but nowhere to find it.

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