Blog 2: Marketing on the web: Avoiding social fiascoes and going for gold

We all know that the internet can be a harsh and unforgiving landscape. Making yourself is one thing, but doing in a good way is another entirely.
There are ways so many ways to make yourself stand out and about half of them can back fire and get you #cancelled. However, there is no worse way to promote a product then no promotion at all.

A K-pop group called GOT7 recently made a comeback and the only promotion done by their company (JYP Entertainment) before the release was a single post on their social media accounts of an image with the title of the title song and that was it. Nothing else. The day after the group showed up on music shows to perform and promote the song but nothing else on the official GOT7 social media accounts about the comeback.

The lack of official social media promotion resulted in even GOT7’s own fanbase only realising that there was a comeback when it was almost over. The lack of promotion has resulted in in a big backlash from fans mad at JYP for barely promoting GOT7 at all while constantly promoting other, newer, less active groups under the label. this has also been one of GOT7’s lease profitable comebacks.
While JYP has been continuously lacking on promoting GOT7’s comebacks, this has been the worst one yet.

JYP runs excellent social media promotions for other groups under their label such as TWICE (one of the biggest girl groups in 2020), ITZY (the biggest debut group in 2020), and Stray Kids (one of the biggest rookie groups in 2020). All of these groups have excellent social media presences and promotional periods. Yet GOT7 gets next to nothing. It makes one wonder why exactly GOT7 does not receive the same level of support with their social media presence.

However, there are definitely ways to get attention that is in your favour.
Solo artist and CEO of KOZ Entertainment has decided to tap into social media trends to promote his own songs as well as those of the artists signed under his label. He took advantage of the dance challenge craze on TikTok to promote the songs ‘Any song’ and ‘Summer hate’. He even recruited other Idols to participate in these dance challenges to help promote the new songs from this year (2020).

Zico found a way to not only advertise the songs in a new way but also in a way that suited his industry. K-pop, while being a music industry, also has a heavy emphasis on dancing as well. He found a current and popular trend that also suited his product and took full advantage. However, the fact that the songs were very good and the dances were simple and beginner friendly but also fun greatly helped.

The secret to the success of his promotional campaigns was finding something that suited his product and not trying too hard, making it all seem and feel organic to the consumers.

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