The Benefits of Automated Social Media

After a long week of work, it’s often hard to sit down and make sure you’re posting regularly on social media. If you feel like that, well, you’re completely normal. For many, social media can be a daunting task. It becomes even more daunting if you’re not confident in your abilities, which can often lead to being totally overwhelmed. However, social media is no longer an option for the majority of businesses. Even if you struggle with it, it’s imperative to your brand to have an online presence. 

Content Deployment

Imagine this: being able to post regularly by spending only a few hours once a month. That is the power of social media automation. I use a program called Later for managing my social media accounts. For a low price every month, I can post on many social networks at once without having to struggle to write a caption each day. I spend about four hours at the start of each month to hammer out my entire content calendar. 

After writing all of my copy, I can add tags, location, hashtags, and crop images all from the website. All of this information is saved, and then I tell it when I want each post to be published and that’s it. Now all of my content will be deployed without any further action on my end. 

Tip: Don’t set it and forget it. As in, don’t just set up all your content deployment and then never check on your social media. It’s still very important to interact with your audience in a timely manner. 

Screenshot from Later via web browser: monthly schedule

Optimized Scheduling

It takes a fair bit of work to understand when your audience is online. Normally you’d have to go into each social networking app and review your insights. With automated posting tools like Later, all that information is already plugged in to your calendar. If you look below, you can see the optimal times to post on each day of the week highlighted in pink. The software automatically reads through your insights and finds the best times for you to deploy your content.

Screenshot from Later via web browser: weekly schedule

By scheduling your content in these pink hot spots, you have a much higher chance of more people seeing your posts! This feature isn’t unique to Later, many automated social media platforms have the same built-in technology. Personally, I really love not having to study my audience and instead let the platform do it for me. With this feature, I can spend less time researching scheduling and more time on capturing more content!

Built in Analytics

Similar to scheduling optimization, analytics are also something you’d have to dig through your social networks to find. While they may not be hidden, it is an extra set to go in and search for these statistics. With automation software, analytics are displayed in a very user friendly manner. Shown below is my seven-day overview for an account that I manage. As a social media manager, this feature is something I utilize regularly. It helps me to draw up reports for clients with ease. All of the information that I need is easy to find and digest. 

Screenshot from Later via web browser: Analytics

It comes down to where you want to spend your time. Are you a pro at finding analytics already and don’t mind having to open your apps everyday to post? Then maybe this doesn’t appeal to you. However, if you’re someone like me who struggles with consistency, this kind of platform is invaluable. 

Do you currently use automated social media software? Do you think you’ll explore it after reading this? Personally I wouldn’t be nearly as productive without apps like Later. It saves me precious time and allows me to take on more clients. If you struggle with consistency on social media, I would highly recommend checking out automation software!

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6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Automated Social Media

  1. Hi Emma,

    I found your blog to be very informative when it comes to managing social media posts on different networks.

    I don’t currently work for a company where I need to schedule media posts, but I know this information will come in handy at some point.

    I appreciate you sharing the steps and tool you use to schedule your posts ahead of time. This is a time saver for sure. I’ve heard of ‘Later’ but now I have a better idea of how it works and the screenshots are a great visual.

    Overall, I enjoyed your blog!

    Thanks Emma.


  2. Hi Emma,

    I use automated social media software in my work setting daily with Hootsuite. I’ve never heard of Later, but I’m definitely going to look into it now. I think it’s super helpful because scheduling your posts can also help with writers block and even save you some time. I liked how you went through the important highlights of the automated social media software.

  3. Hi Emma,
    I found your blog very informative as I have not really looked into automizing my social media. However, your blog helps me in starting the process of doing so. It was very easy to follow with good examples of what I can use and what may best fit my needs. You were very detailed and I appreciate that. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Rhiannon,
      I’m thrilled that this blog provided you with some new insight into social media automization. I highly suggest looking into it! Later also offers a free version of their program that is a great introduction

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