COM0015- Blog #2- Strong and Weak Organizations

Social media has become one of the biggest marketing tools for businesses around the world.

The Strong

While scrolling through Instagram, I came across a post from Lush Cosmetics.

The picture they had posted grabbed my attention immediately as do most of their posts. I find their photography to be aesthetically pleasing as well as creative. I believe that when it comes to companies joining Instagram, they need to invest in a good photographer. Your focus should be to stand out and make people click on your profile. That is how you attract new customers and build a loyal following. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The Lush Social media team is very active when it comes to engaging with their followers. You are probably thinking right now “A lot of companies do that so why does this one stand out?” What caught my eye is the fact that the employee responding to the comments will sign their name at the end. I think this builds a relationship with the customers which will lead them to be loyal to the company and make them feel heard.

The Weak

One organization that I believe has a weak strategy would be the Nordik nature spa in Chelsea.

I went through some of their posts and noticed a big gap between the number of likes on multiple posts. How can a big company go from over 1k likes on one post and a couple of days later only receive 200 likes? It became clear to me that they do not monitor their platforms. They post at different times and whenever they want. I also noticed that their posts are repetitive. I believe they should take the time to review their strategy and plan posts in advance. I believe they should try to stand out and be creative with their pictures and interact more with their followers regularly.

2 thoughts on “COM0015- Blog #2- Strong and Weak Organizations

  1. Personal care and cosmetics companies often have a tough time using social media effectively. There is such competition between companies that it takes something particularly compelling to differentiate them from their competition.
    I agree that consistency is also crucial for posting. Something should be posted, even if it is just a link to the company’s website. While not all posts will have the same level of engagement their followers will see the posts.

  2. Hey Cassie,

    Great post! I also chose to write about Lush and I shared a personal experience which I hold very dear to me. Lush’s vibrant choice of colors, creativity and authenticity also truly resonates with me and always grabs my attention. Based on my personal story I can agree they do engage their followers and customers and make it extra personal and relatable. I agree that a great photographer is crucial for social media as there is plenty of competition out there. I believe that Lush will continue to be successful as they have a great way of standing out! They have mastered how to differentiate from their competition and will need to continue keeping up with the newest trends!


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