Cineplex Odeon: Connecting with the Online Audience

Photo by Wikipedia

Everyone likes movies. Everyone enjoys going to the movies. Movies are perhaps the greatest past time in modern life, whether it be through the viewing pleasure on one’s computer or television, or at the cinemas. Cineplex Odeon, a Canadian trailblazer in movie experiences has led the way for in showcasing the feature films of the day. They are also leading the way with their social media presence, engaging with consumers by utilizing the three big apps, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cineplex Odeon has over 700,000 followers on their Facebook page that is detailed with updates practically every day. Forget waiting to see new trailers on television when upcoming films are promoted directly on their page. Furthermore, interviews from actors/actresses and directors open up audiences to the personal side of professionals in the entertainment industry and an in-depth look at their work. This engages followers to post, click the ‘Like’ button and have on online dialogue with others. One of the biggest mistakes B2C enterprises make is failing to monitor its online audience (Rice 2010). However, Cineplex Odeon has capitalized in this important strategy.

Moreover, their use of Twitter and Instagram is equally successful with over 178,000 and 74,000 followers respectively. Cineplex Odeon’s social media sites are designed in a similar manner with synchronized updates so-to-speak occurring across all platforms and they are impressively user friendly. There’s a certain ease and fluidity that makes it easy for followers to interact.

Cineplex Odeon has done a fantastic job utilizing the most popular social media tools at their disposal. With the increasing popularity of online mediums that provide visuals, photos and videos, it seems that companies like these are only going to continue their influence in the online world. What do you think? Will Cineplex Odeon only continue its popularity?

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