COM0014 BLOG #3: Targeting Writers

I’ve been writing fiction since I was a little kid. It started with short stories about made-up adventures I had with the neighborhood kids. A few years later my hobby took an awkward, adolescent turn with fan-fiction. Unfortunately for me, some of my angsty, teenage abominations still exist on the web today.

A screenshot of something so terrible I had to blur it out

Eventually, though, I started writing full-length novels of my own original stories. Since then, I’ve been hunting for every bit of knowledge about writing that I can get a hold of.

The online writing community is vast and diverse. The fan-fiction circles are dominated by teens and young adults, and the general fiction circles are all-encompassing. Outside of fan-fiction circles, the demographic for this hobby tends to be young and middle-aged adults, between 20 and 50 usually. This is a very wide demographic, one that is difficult to cater to in its entirety.

These days, I find myself perusing a community called “Booktubers”: readers and writers on YouTube. Most Booktubers tend to be adult women, typically under the age of 40. Their audience tends to be even younger, though. I saw evidence of this when a friend and I attended a book convention in New York City last year; the panels and events for YouTube personalities were attended mostly by teenage and young adult women.

This line was just for one event.

Authors are far more heavily present on social media than they were 10 years ago, it seems. Twitter is a major hub for authors to promote their work and connect with their readers and industry peers. Their use of the platform is full of interesting ways to capture interest and encourage engagement. From giveaways, exclusive promotions, teasers, and event announcements, readers are constantly hyped up for new material from their favourite authors.

Do you follow any authors on social media? What do you like about following them?

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