COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audience & Communication: Raising Funds & Awareness Online.


The Today 4 Tomorrow Appeal is a branch of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa which raises funds for our five Community Ministries of Ottawa. The Community Ministries consist of shelters, day programs, and counselling services (Today for Tomorrow, 2020). It is also one of the social media pages I currently manage. So, who exactly is our target audience and how do we communicate with them? Read on to find out more!

To get to know our target audience, we first need to understand their demographics and psychographics. Since this is an appeal to raise money, our demographic is typically men and women who have a high level of education, are often executives or business owners, generally with a higher income level. Since our appeal is within the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, most of our demographic would identify as Anglican or more widely as Christian by religion. Our target audience’s psychographics would consist of the upper class with more disposable income, people who have an interest in social issues, and likely people who are leaders in their field and will share our cause with their network. 

Now that we know Today 4 Tomorrow’s target audience, let’s talk about how to communicate to them! Since Facebook users tend to be of an older generation (Pokrop, 2019), we have found a lot of success in using it to reach out target audience. We tend to use videos and pictures to grab our audience’s attention, specifically showing people using our services and talking about how our services have changed their lives. Most recently, we hosted a lunch time virtual fundraiser called Building A Community of Hope (Today for Tomorrow, 2020). That one event raised $79,000 for our Community Ministries of Ottawa (Today 4 Tomorrow Appeal, 2020). 

Have you raised funds for a charity using social media? Tell me about your experience and target audience in the comments below! I’d love to hear your stories!


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