Blog #3-COM0014 : Relate, Empathize, Improve…

Before a customer spends their hard earned money-they analyze many things about where and what type of company they’re buying this product or service from. To earn that purchase and customer relationship, means finding exactly what your consumers needs and wants might be.

Being in the business of grocery, is something that can reach a vast group of people; and I have found it very hard to pin point an audience to specifically focus on. My largest concern recently, when it comes to our marketing and “story telling” has been based on our PC Express department.

Why? During Covid the online grocery service became a HUGE demand from many of our customers, and we tried to rise to the occasion; and meet the needs of our community. The issue I’m facing is not a specific group of people are using this service (ex: Just seniors or just young families), so how do you relate and market to a wide group of people? You find the one thing (or few) that relates and is bringing them to look for a service of this type… COVID/Restrictions of life.

When COVID began, many of my senior shoppers were opting to use our online grocery service to avoid entering the stores-which is great- but technology isn’t always the simplest thing to wrap your head around. The issue was website crashes, seniors having difficulty with their laptops or tablets/smartphones. So when we caught wind of how difficult it was, we created a “How-To” post on trying online grocery. This caught people’s attention and they appreciated that we were willing to take the time to understand, relate and understand to the elderly customers.

Another thing I have tried to focus on is the families who have schedules… that are busier than “Downtown Montreal at Rush Hour”; and how we can help. I’ve slowly been learning to listen around, look at what meals are trending or maybe what new products we get in the store. Then, we do posts saying “Easy Dinner” or promote our 20 minute meal kits. People are always looking for something to make meals easier, and that’s what we’re marketing!

I’m currently the only person running social media and I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot! But my concern with adding more people is being able to make sure they understand HOW to respond and deal with customers online. It’s not the same as talking to your friend from high school or maybe your parents even… it takes a great deal of reading a situation through a computer, and realizing you still might not be right in understanding the customers tone. Replying with a relatable, personable but yet professional tone-is something hard to keep to form when you get more than a few people involved in responses. So… for now I’ll be a lone wolf on Facebook and Instagram.

“Featured Image” retrieved from Pexel Free Images on November 21st 2020

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