COM0014: Finding Your Personal Story

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

If you follow the news, perhaps you recall that piece about this year’s forest fire season or how climate change is forcing communities to change how they fight fire? Possibly you remember that story about how government scientists were making hand sanitizer for area hospitals at a critical stage in the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Well at the core of these stories is one person, a communicator and storyteller. Though not always the name used in the byline, Jessica Ward holds the pen on many of the stories that appear both nationally and internationally when it comes to Natural Resources Canada science news.

A communications specialist working directly with science experts with the Government of Canada on key portfolios, Jessica is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Communications Studies program and holds a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester. For over a decade, she has cultivated interesting stories and raised awareness of Canadian science developments.

At work, she has also volunteered on the anti-harassment committee, as well as the diversity and inclusion working group. A true team player, Jessica is hard working and dedicated to her craft, providing support to key players in the industry so that the very best of the department shines.

Photo by JPW

Outside of work, she is a dedicated mother, spouse, daughter and friend. A self-proclaimed feminist and ally, Jessica is impassioned about the rights of marginalized individuals, particularly as they relate to the rights of women, black lives, Indigenous rights and the LGBTQ2 communities. Jessica is also an advocate for chronic illnesses, mental health and wellness and volunteers as a Patient & Family Advisor at her local hospital. When she’s not doing all of these things, Jessica runs a small crafting business and Etsy store with her business partner and sister. 

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