Mind Over Media – Coping With Feelings of Loneliness While Being Connected

Humans need social interaction – we know that much. However, too much of a good thing can still have negative impacts. Let’s talk about how Social Media overuse can make us feel lonely, and then look at how we can help to combat this feeling.

Image by Yan

Feeling Lonely While Staying Connected

On a Personal Note:

I have recently had to seriously limit my own personal Social Media use. With the pandemic already increasing overall isolation, I found that I was turning to Social Media to fill most of my new found free time. Living alone, I felt the constant need to open every possible application and see what others were doing around me. I even found myself posting things just to make others think that I was doing more with my time than I was. I realized that it was actually making me feel more lonely. I was doing everything possible to avoid spending time with myself.

It sounds strange, but being able to stay connected to those around us so easily via technology often makes us feel more isolated. It’s like we are watching the world unfold around us, but maybe don’t know how we fit into it. We watch people living the lives that we want, and often feel envious of them (FOMO – Fear of Missing Out). This can have a really negative impact on our mental health and cause us to feel disconnected from reality. This powerful short video titled, The Innovation of Loneliness gives us some insight into this very common issue:

The Innovation of Loneliness

Now What?

If You are a Person that any of this resonated with, then you are probably wondering what the next step is. I was too. Setting up Screen Time limits in your Smartphone settings can be a great starting point. Limiting your time on Social Platforms can encourage you to make more real world connections, instead of focusing all of your energy on the digital world. Also, it is important to keep in mind that not everything we see online is real. We only see what others want us to see, and vice versa. Try to use Social Platforms when you are feeling good about yourself, and not when you are feeling sad. It is much easier to be hard on yourself when you are unnecessarily comparing yourself to others. Remember to be kind to yourself and to others, we never know what people are really dealing with that they are not revealing.

Photo by Lisa Fotios

I personally limited my Screen Time to 30 minutes per day for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. It has made me more conscious of how long I am spending scrolling, and why I am even opening up the applications at all. Being conscious of why I am using my Social Platforms has encouraged me to look for more meaningful content, bringing me back to the more positive sides of Social Media.

How about you? Do you think that less time online helps to combat loneliness?

Facebook: Hey, You, It’s okay to feel lonely -> Here’s How to Cope with Loneliness from Social Media https://wp.me/p3QRy0-q5r

Twitter: Connected but Alone https://bit.ly/36YiSb0


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2 thoughts on “Mind Over Media – Coping With Feelings of Loneliness While Being Connected

  1. Hi Meagan,

    I really liked the topic of your blog and am glad you decided to share. The content you wrote is easy to read, relatable and well explained (plus the short video). As I read through your post, I could definitely relate to opening apps over and over to fill up the free time. To answer your question, I do think that reducing time on social media could help feel less lonely because you could use that time to do something else, that doesn’t necessarily emphasize that negative feeling.

    Good for you for setting a screen time limit! Although I don’t feel like i’m on socials all that long, i’m scared to check out my stats :/

    • Hi!

      Thank you! I am really glad that it was relatable to someone else 🙂 It is definitely something that I have really resonated with during this pandemic.

      I find that the thing with socials is that sometimes you go so far down a rabbit hole you don’t even know how much time it has been. That is why I am really glad that I set screen time limits! I just was not conscious of it before. And I definitely agree with your answer to my question – focusing on something else that is positive and in the real world can really help to get your mind off of the feeling of loneliness.

      Cheers 🙂

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