Storytelling: Millenia of Human Experience

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Storytelling is an empty canvass waiting for the first stroke of a painted brush. It only becomes a masterpiece once an artist completes their desired vision. Fortunately, in today’s world an individual has more power to communicate stories as they like and even earn a living through blogs, vlogs and other methods of digital expression. If there’s a motto one should follow, it’s this: You are the master of your own digital domain. We can largely thank the Internet for this and streaming platforms, such as YouTube.

Storytelling has always been a characteristic of the human experience. Whether expressed through paintings on the walls of prehistoric caves, hieroglyphs etched on stones in Ancient Egypt, mass production of books with the advent of the Gutenberg press or typing on a computer. Humans like to tell stories. However, a more interesting aspect to ponder is whether humans evolved into less truthful beings as technologies advanced and populations grew.

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The vast amount of information that exists online creates a digital maze, leaving users lost. Thus, it’s no wonder that Internet surfers want to be guided to a particular destination. Oftentimes, this is achieved by offering some sort of entertainment in the process, as users scan bits and pieces of information they find interesting and funny, rather than providing the full picture (Clark, 2020).

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And within this reality, lies the importance of connecting with your audience. Its a give-and-take relationship, more so today than ever before with an endless stream of online competition. I know if I was writing a daily blog, I would think of ways to create unique content on a consistent basis. One popular and effective way to incorporate audience engagement is to film yourself answering questions from subscribers and fans. Not only does this create a greater personal connection with your audience, but the message is delivered in a more visually pleasing manner.

Know the world you live in. People have short attention spans, so give them what they want in the most digestible manner possible. Do you think peoples attention span will continue to shorten?

One thought on “Storytelling: Millenia of Human Experience

  1. This is a really great post! I find that people are less and less accustomed to reading for any length of time. The more things we try to jam into our 24 hour day only encourages abbreviated forms of communication. Unfortunately I don’t foresee this reversing anytime soon.

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