COM0014 Blog Post #2 – Storytelling: Fiction vs. Business

Storytelling is not just for fictional works. Storytelling is essential to business as well. In order to connect with our audience, we have to be sure that our story will be clear and will resonate with them. In order to reach a certain audience, we have to listen to the conversations they’re having and know what they need. Our story has to be compatible with the audience’s needs.

I’ve been writing fictional stories since I was a kid. Pictured below are 12 notebooks that I kept over my childhood and adolescence, they’re all full.

The black book on the bottom right is my most recent notebook.

There are at least 3 more notebooks not pictured that are only partially filled. Admittedly, I have a bit of an obsessive streak because at least half of those notebooks are filled with snippets and ideas for one story.

Over the years I’ve researched how to use my characters’ actions and plot developments to evoke an emotional response from readers. It essentially boils down to how well your readers can connect with your characters. If your readers don’t care about your characters, or can’t relate to them on a human level, then no one will become invested in your work.

Storytelling for a business works in a very similar way. You are presenting your business in a way that will relate to your audience, in order to evoke a response. To me, this frames storytelling and branding for businesses in a fun, expressive manner.

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