The 72% that you do not want to miss

Photo Credit Majed Dagher

Scuba diving is most likely the only thing that anyone should not miss to learn. You are wondering why? wherever you travel, whatever you see and explore on land you will still be 72% behind.

Approximately 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water: 97% salted water in the oceans and seas, and only 3% fresh water.

(Source National Geographic)

Imagine the things that you still need to explore even if you travel all over the land. in spite all the exploring missions, science and exhibition to reveal the mystery of the underwater world we still up till now have a long long way to go.

Tube anemones cover a rocky seabed in the Aeolian Islands, with the lights of an Oceana diver shining in the background. On this 2018 expedition, Oceana used a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) to collect samples and take photos and video footage.
Photo Credit: © OCEANA/Juan Cuetos

More than 80% of the ocean remains unexplored. And because it’s difficult to protect what we don’t know, only about 7% of the world’s oceans are designated as marine protected areas (MPAs).


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Scuba Diving Organizations

There are so many Organizations which publish standards for competence in recreational scuba diving skills and knowledge, and issue certification for divers assessed as competent against these standards by affiliated schools or instructors, but the most important of them all in my opinion is PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

PADI – The Way the World Learns to Dive – Mar 12, 2015 – The underwater world is earth’s final frontier. Drew Richardson, PADI President and CEO shares his passion for diving and talks about the important role of divers as underwater ambassadors and custodians of our ocean planet.

PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. With more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, and 137,000 individual PADI Professionals who have issued more than 27 million certifications around the world, you’ll find PADI diver courses and scuba diving services nearly everywhere. (About PADI)

Fun, Relaxation, Skills&Knowledge and Exploration

Video Credit Majed Dagher

I started my professional diving journey back in 2000. Circumstances made me stop for a long time until I moved to Turkey in 2014 and since then the addiction started. One of my best friend over here is a PADI regional director and because of my extreme passion to this sport and the curiosity to learn and see more, up till today I have completed more than 150 dives and got my certificate as a PADI Divemaster and hopefully soon to be an instructor.

The Fun you have, the people you meet, the friends you make in this long journey is incomparable with anything else and it will change your life. The first thing you learn when you dive is that you will never dive alone, you always need a buddy beside you for safety measures, and that makes the experience sharable and more exciting.

Video Credit Majed Dagher

When you decide to go for a diving trip, a lot of fun and interesting levels of preparation accompany your trip. Between searching for locations and availability to preparing your equipment and calling friends, there is always one thing that dominate your mind at that moment and that is what the huge mysterious underworld giant is preparing something new for us. You will always be excited because deep inside you are certain that you are going to see and experience something new even if you already dove at the same site. This amazing feeling that drives you over the edge and boost your adrenaline every single time.

The Relaxation you experience underwater is something that every person should experience. All the stress you get from your daily life, dealing with different problems either at work or anywhere else, is suddenly wiped off the moment you hit the water and start to hear the echo of your breathing mixed with the noise of the ocean deep.

Photo Credit Majed Dagher

The Skills&Knowledge you get out of PADI courses is phenomenal. For example in order to be a rescue diver first you have to obtain the EFR (Emergency first response) certificate which is something recommended to have by any individual. In other words you will become a person capable of saving a life anytime anywhere. How cool is that?

PADI Rescue Diver Course-Dec 2, 2013-Produced by: OCEANS BELOW CO. LTD.

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The training makes you more confident not just while diving but in general. You will develop a better communication skills and a much more clearer sense of problems assessment in life. If you decide to carry on with your trainings to higher levels you will have the chance to enhance your knowledge in several areas like physics, humans respiratory system and management. As a divemaster you are not only a role model for other divers but you are responsible as well of managing and planning a whole diving trip for several groups of people.

Marcel van den Berg – PADI IDC Skills Circuit New Revised IDC Course • All Skill Neutral Buoyant Divemaster Skills – Dec 27, 2019

The Exploration speaks for itself honestly. If you really into exploring so this is the thing you should be doing. 72% from the face of the earth to discover everyday will take centuries, and you are most probably still discovering new things that amazes you every dive. This is the beauty and mystery of the underwater world. Secrets to reveal, things to see, science to discover, as a matter of fact I personally consider a whole new different planet.

EVNautilus – Gulper Eel Balloons Its Massive Jaws | Nautilus Live – Sep 20, 2018

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