COM0014 – Blog #1: The RMS Queen Mary 1

My boyfriend and I have been long-distance for 7 years. We’re separated by the USA/Canada border, but we try to make a trip to visit each other every year, twice if we’re lucky. Every time we see each other, we try to include one big event in each trip. For example, the last time he came up to Canada, I took him to Niagara Falls. In August 2019, when I last went to the States to see him, he took me to see the RMS Queen Mary I in Long Beach, California.

I’ve had an interest in ships for a long time, so I was very excited for this particular event. The Queen Mary I is an ocean liner, built in 1934 by Cunard-White Star Line. It was initially intended as a passenger liner for the transatlantic route, but became a troopship during WWII. It stayed in service until 1967, and today it sits permanently docked in Long Beach as a hotel and tourist attraction.

Over the years, it has acquired a reputation for being haunted. With about 50 deaths while it served as a passenger liner, and the countless deaths during wartime, it’s easy to see where this reputation might come abound.

We stayed one night in the ship, and took the ghost walk after dark. The haunted aspect was less important to me, I just really wanted to see all the cool spots the tour would take us. The Engine Room and the Boiler Room were the highlights of the tour.

I mean, take a look at the Boiler Room! It was so dark that I had to use the flash of my camera to even see the whole room.

I won’t call it a phobia, but I do have an irrational anxiety around large objects, especially objects that are supposed to move. I can’t even look at Google Earth because of this little quirk. So, when the tour arrived at one of the propellers, I battled a whirling sense of vertigo as I tried to take a good picture (also without dropping my phone into the open water. Yes – open water.) Person in the photo included for approximate scale. Does anyone else have a similar discomfort around grand objects or spaces? Please tell me that’s not too weird!

Lastly, although I’m not much invested in the “haunted” aspect of the ship’s attraction, I did manage to capture something strange in two of my photos, which were taken a second apart. The dimly lit picture on the left was taken first, and the second was taken moments later when I realized I didn’t have the flash on. I’d like to point you in the direction of the small, dark figure circled in the first picture, and its absence in the second.

I didn’t think this was strange until I realized no one on the tour was that small; there were no children under 13. Not to mention that the figure doesn’t look normal, it seems to be making some funny sort of pose. Then I thought maybe a person was kneeling there and it was creating a strange-looking figure without the flash. Then, I realized that with a mere second between the two pictures, a kneeling person would likely not have enough time to get up and walk out-of-frame before the second photo. So, I don’t have a solid explanation for the little, dark figure. It’s fun speculating, though! What do you think, any ideas on what could cause this little anomaly? Has anyone here experienced something odd on a ghost walk? Tell me about it!

I have so much more I’d like to say about this ship, but I think I’ll leave it at that for now. I know I’ll always think back on this trip with excitement and gratitude.


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3 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #1: The RMS Queen Mary 1

  1. This blog is amazing. Wow, what a trip. This has given me a newfound excitement of ships, which I’ve always liked too, but probably not as much as you. The propeller shot is so cool. Your blog has mustered up memories of the film, The Abyss, so dark and mysterious. The fact that you can spend the night on the ship, like a hotel is pretty cool as well. I wish to enjoy that experience someday. Love the photos and the details. Hopefully, that figure was just a photo irregularity, but who knows right! Thanks for this.

  2. All the photos really captured the feeling of this haunted ship. Certainly, the last two are very creepy. Both photos show the man in the blue jeans standing on the lower platform. Judging by the size of the people on the upper platform the shadow being in question in the 1 of 2 photo appears to much shorter than the adults. I imported the photo into photoshop and could clearly see the shape of the head with hair, two legs and two arms. The strange thing about all this is that there is more light in the location of the shadow, yet their is not enough contrast to detect any detail, wheras in the area where there is very little light you can see the faces of the adults. I guess this could have occurred for one of three reasons: 1) the being is a time traveller and there is a porthole nearby, as it completely vanishes in the second photo. 2) the being is an actual person who somehow managed to escape the lens of the second photo or 3) the being is a demonic entity trapped in the ship. I’m just kidding around! Who knows why these things happen? And besides–I’m sure all the deaths that occurred in the past were from natural causes… Right?

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