COM0014 Assignment 1, Blog #3 Identifying, Relating and Communicating with our Target Market

Image: Unsplash Avila Beach, CA

Celplast Metallized Products is a manufacturer of high barrier flexible packaging films for food, pharmaceutical and industrial markets.  The high barrier film is just one layer in what becomes the final package.  A converter will take the barrier film and marry to another printed substrate and then add a sealant layer to create a complete structure for the finished pouch or package.   This structure or image of, is what ends up on the store shelf or the web page for the ultimate consumer.

Target Audience

The packaging industry has been under pressure of late due to the large amounts of waste that the industry creates.  China’s National Sword policy brought to light the dirty side of packaging.  After disposal much of this waste ends up in land fills, oceans and beaches or is transported to distant countries to be recycled afar.  Consumers, non-government organizations, as well as governments, are demanding that changes be made to reduce, recycle and create a circular economy for all this packaging.

This is no small feat and the packaging industry has risen to the challenge, creating new films and making them sustainable and recyclable.

As a supplier of high barrier films and with a focus on creating sustainable and recycling solutions Celplast’s target audience is the engineer and product development person at the converter and the consumer good company (CPG) who is developing these new structures.  The demographic will be male or female in their late twenties to retirement age but a cluster of late twenties to fifties. They are highly educated or at minimum have many years of experience in packaging.  They are generally married and in this target audience a broad range of ethnicities and religious affiliations are covered.


To reach this group of highly technologically savvy people, Celplast uses twitter and LinkedIn as the main platforms to communicate.  Being short on resources, relevant news from industry publications and association websites among other sources is curated and republished on the various platforms.  Celplast will add a clarifying statement or a linking idea to add relevance for the intended audience.  Facebook is also used but strictly because of its reach, no leads have yet to be generated from this platform; it is not found to be very useful for business to business transactions.

Every other month or more, Celplast generates their own content and publishes to their subscriber list via e-blast.  This self-produced content is also re-purposed in varied format on the various social media channels as well as on the company blog. 

As this curating and publication process improves, that is as more content fills our pipeline, Co-schedule scheduling tool will be used to pre-schedule publishing of content to increase frequency of posts. 

Additionally, Celplast intends to create a giveaway such as an e-book or guide to film or product selection and will use this in the blog call to action to more effectively grow their subscriber list.

It is an exciting time to be creating an online presence.  In our market not all companies, including Celplast are not participating fully in the online community and there is tremendous opportunity available to those companies that are engaged and bringing value to their respective audience.

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