Tick Tock! Time to create your TikTok business account

TikTok is the latest and trendiest platform among teenagers and young adults. It has been portrayed as a difficult to use, “only for youth” platform by the older generations. However, this also was the case, once upon a time, for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and these platforms are now considered an essential part of the marketing strategy of all businesses. It is now the time to be an early adopter of TikTok for your business and join companies like Chipotle and Nike in this platform, as it offers some unique opportunities for marketing for small businesses in great part thanks to its very specialized algorithms. Furthermore, the content that is many times seen as “impossible to create” has the tools available, all within the app to create great pieces of content and the precise set of “trends” that all businesses can take advantage of to increase their business reach.

The NOT only for youth tool

Imagine if there was a tool where your posts have the same chance of being seen as the ones from Starbucks, Nike and Apple. Imagine a social media company that offers an algorithm to choose what to show their users that is so advanced that it would be able to identify the public you want to reach and gives you insightful information about who you are reaching. This is what TikTok can be as a marketing tool.

TikTok also offers a great set of marketing tools especially designed with businesses in mind like in depth analytics and TikTok ads. Additionally, the algorithm does not prioritize videos from accounts with huge followings, this means that the video for your small business is in a similar playing field as other accounts with bigger followings

It is NOT difficult to create content and engagement

For the untrained eye, the editing on the trendy videos looks fancy, difficult and definitely not something that can be learned in a short time. Why spend hours upon hours generating one video when you can take a good instagram picture for content in only a couple of minutes? Or a short story? In reality, the available TikTok editing tools allow you to learn how to use the platform in no time and you will be using these tools to post your rapidly generated content just as fast.

But… How to find what type of content and how can I generate engagement with it? The answer once more is simpler than the user that is not familiar with the platform may think. Within TikTok it is very easy to find the different trending topics and videos by keeping an eye out for trending hashtags, which you can later use to create your own content. There are also different features that can be used as a marketing strategy to generate engagement including Duets (collaboration like videos) and Hashtag Challenges which you can use in combination with your TikTok ads to increase your reach even further!

TikTok discover section shows you what hashtag are trending and right beside how many people have used the hashtag

TikTok right now is seen by many as the platform for the youngsters with content that is difficult to create, when in reality it offers some amazing and unique opportunities for marketing that are not available in the most used business platforms. The very specialized and personalized algorithm, the presence of ad opportunities and the knowledge that a video from a small company has the same chances of being seen as one of the big names are just some of the few reasons why this platform should make part of your marketing strategy. It is time to take a chance on this platform! You will realize that thanks to their fantastic and intuitive editing tools, easy to find trending topics for content and features like the duets or the hashtag challenges can take your brand to a whole new level.

Have you considered tiktok as a marketing tool for your brand/bussiness?What do you think is the biggest challenge for tiktok to reach mainstream use as marketing tool?

The importance of TikTok for your business/brand! Don’t miss out this great marketing platform! https://wp.me/p3QRy0-p1U

The clock is ticking!! Why Tiktok is so important for your social media #marketing ? https://wp.me/p3QRy0-p1U




12 thoughts on “Tick Tock! Time to create your TikTok business account

  1. Even as a 26-year old I always kind of felt too old for TikTok, but now I’m rethinking it! I had no idea TikTok does not prioritize videos from accounts with huge followings! That’s really well thought out for them and I like how that will help smaller businesses get the same visibility as larger more well-known ones!
    Thanks for writing!

  2. Angela, Thank-you so much for all the great info on TikTok. Its an app I definitely need to investigate further both for work and as a mom of a teenager. Because of your blog I feel much more confident in checking and trying it out as I’ve been one of those older minded people thinking it was “only for youth” and feeling scared to play around with it.

    • Believe me, I felt the same way ! I decided to make the jump as I like to see what’s new and got me surprise how different of a platform it is ! Thanks for taking your time to read it !

  3. I have to admit that I was staying away from TikTok just because I thought it was for the youth! lol. I’m definitely doing to look into it for a marketing strategy for my photography business. Thanks!

    • Photography business is really good for TikTok ! I personally have come across some really good photographers that I am amazed by their work and follow them because is enjoyable. Thanks for reading !

  4. This was interesting to read since I hadn’t really thought about using TikTok for business, something I will now look into. I also will have to admit I did think it was a lot more for the younger crowd and seemed a little more complicated than I was willing to spend time on. Thanks for the insight!

    • I was scared at first when I joined. I felt like I was going to be judge somehow and then I started using the app more and more and it got me surprised how many adults are on this app . Is a very cool app ! Thanks for reading !

  5. Love this topic, Ive been debating on using it to showcase my T-shirt brand. Might not be a bad idea to post tutorials and what not as content!

    • For sure ! Showing the process of products for sure helps . I’ve found many accounts that I just enjoy seeing the process of how is made, it can be the simplest thing . Thanks for reading

  6. Thank you for the TikTok tips! I’ve got to admit, as a millennial, this platform is pretty daunting. However, I’m fascinated by the community building and content creation its able to harness.

    As a professional in Communications, I know how important it is to keep up with popular social media platforms and will continue to learn more about this one. The possibilities are endless!

  7. Like others here, I hadn’t really thought that TikTok had much of a place in my marketing strategy. Thanks so much for this primer — I’m already starting to get some ideas!

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