Bye Bye Copycats! Why engaging with your customers in social media is essential for your business

After 3 weeks of confinement, I started to look for new hobbies. Something that had always been interesting to me had been the “Paint by Numbers” that you can colour with oil and acrylic paint. Hence the search for a reputable company started. Sharing my frustrations online, one of my friends came to my aid! “Try this one”, he said. I immediately went through the different social media accounts from the company and what I found was so discouraging! Their presence was weak! Various reviews/comments even mentioned how they had been scammed by that company. However, their responses clarified a key point: They weren’t the scammers!! It was a copycat with a similar name!

I took the plunge, just out of the recommendation from my friend. A couple of days later, I sent them a message on social media about an update to the shipment and I was left on  “Seen”. Yet, when it arrived I was so surprised with their product! Great quality, presentation and it arrived fast. Just for a visual this is the comparison between the ones I received from them and another one I received from another company:

(Left) Company recommended by my friend with discouraging social media presence. (Right) Company with very active social media presence.

This got me thinking, why was I so hesitant in buying from them? How did the negative social media experience influence my decision to purchase from them and almost made them lose a potential customer? The answer came fairly easy! They were failing HARD with engagement in their social media posts! Just by using their social media as the first level of customer support and using their customers to promote their product they could increase their brand recognition and stop those sneaky copycats from ruining their reputation!

Using social media as your first level customer support!

According to Facebook Insights 76% of customers contact business through social media for customer support. Imagine how your potential customer is affected by being left on “seen” or when you take multiple business days to get back to them. They are going to think you are “ghosting” them! 

When I messaged the Paint by numbers company and they left me in “seen”, I felt that maybe those reviews and comments about being a scam were true. That maybe I had lost some money on them or that maybe my friend had given me the wrong name.

This is why it is so important to have a speedy, timely and accurate response to all the comments, reviews or direct messages that are sent by your customers . This increases the trust your customers have on your brand, the loyalty towards it and they may even return the engagement by sharing your products in their feeds! Generating even more customers for you!

Your customers, the perfect marketing tool

Did you know that sharing your users’ content about your products on social media helps you build credibility for your brand . This type of content is called “User generated content” and it’s a great marketing tool to use through all your social media platforms! This content can also become a key tool to diversify your social media posts and an easy tool to make sure you always have something to post. 

With the company for the Paint by Numbers, one of the most discouraging things I saw when I was researching them was the 8 total instagram posts they had made in over two years on the platform. On top of that, their last post was in October 2019! With the stay at home restriction in place and activities such as puzzles getting an increased interest by the public. This was an incredible opportunity for the paint by numbers company to awaken their social media platforms by using the content that their customers were already sharing online of their posts!

Over 160K post have been shared with the hashtag of #paintbynumbers

Using this type of content is, per consequence,  a great tool to increase credibility, your brand recognition, keep the engaging conversations with your customers going, generating content for your social media platforms and a great way to stretch your marketing budget!

I almost lost out on a great product due to a disappointing customer experience through social media. However,  by engaging with your customers, using creative self promotion tools and using your social media channels as a customer service resource. You can increase your brand recognition, audience and customer loyalty and prevent copycats from ruining your brand’s reputation!  

Have you ever had trouble verifying if a company was legit after going through their social media? How did this experience affect your interactions with the company?

Have you ever wondered if engaging with your customers in social media is worth it for your business? Let me share with you my personal experience

Don’t let copycats ruin the image of your business!! Why engaging with your customers on #socialmedia is essential for your business



3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Copycats! Why engaging with your customers in social media is essential for your business

  1. Fun hobby to pick up! My daughter loves to paint I will keep your recommendation in mind when she’s ready for more advanced projects.
    It really does make a difference when companies engage with their social media and the public. It’s interesting how some companies don’t see the value but it’s the equivalent as ignoring a customer standing right in front of you at your store.

  2. I am totally a paint by number fan! lol … I have painted about 4-5 pictures this year alone! I’ve recently moved on to diamond art. Little beads that you stick one by one onto a print … love it.

    It is too bad when companies open a social media account but then are not active or do not take it seriously enough. It really does impact their business and credibility – but how do you convince them of that? It’s something the company needs to ‘own’ … In my opinion it would be almost better for them to not even be on social media.

    As Carly mentioned above, I have physically been in stores and been ignored. So in my mind it’s not like this is just a social media issue. It’s a not so great customer relations strategy in many areas … too bad.

    Good post though! I am still figuring out what to write about lol …

  3. Social media is huge in business and it really surprises me when businesses don’t take advantage of that opportunity! You touched on some really important points. I myself have never done a paint by number but I should look into it, looks like a fun hobby!

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