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My favourite social media trend listening, and monitoring tools are Hootsuite and Google Analytics. These tools have helped me better understand my audience and whether the content I’m putting out is working or not. 

Hootsuite monitors my social media presence, keeping tabs on all my statistics as well as notifying me when I have a message or a comment on any social media platform. It also makes it so I can post ahead of time, which for me is the most important. Life gets in the way, so if I can take some time on Monday morning to post a comic strip for the rest of the week, I’ll never miss a day. It also gives me more time to think about what I’m writing to go along with that strip that will have people more engaged. I’ve shared more, I’ve included a call to action that gets conversations started… Since doing this, I have really noticed a spike in my engagement across platforms. Without stressing about posting my comics on time it also frees me up for more organic spur of the moment postings like taking advantage of my stories, tweeting nonsense, and providing a bit more behind the scenes which give my brand more personality. With Google Analytics, I get a clearer picture of how my website is doing. It tells me where the traffic comes from and in turn what platforms and content work better.  It also shows me which of my subpages do the best, which really lets me know what works. So far, I’ve discovered my online store gets nothing, but my longer narrative style comics get the most attention. From that, I was able to deduce that no one wants to buy ‘things’ but maybe they would support my art in other ways. I set up a Ko-Fi account after that and left donation buttons on my comic pages where the audience can buy me a coffee to show their appreciation. It’s been far more effective. 

The two best social media sources for me to get my news are Twitter and Facebook. Twitter mostly because I can easily follow news outlets that I trust in my area. Facebook usually has articles shared by my friends and family that I might have missed because I don’t follow the same news, but the information is still relevant to my area. For example, I follow Global on Twitter which gives me big picture news, but on Facebook, a friend shared an article from my nearby small town’s paper that talked about a young couple I went to school with handling a crisis. It’s not big-time news, but it is to me and therefore I want to see it. 

3 thoughts on “Social Media Tools & Sources

  1. Hi Erica,
    Depending on the origin of the post, I often find Facebook unreliable for news. Sometimes things get re-posted or shared without checking the validity of the content, leaving me to double-check the facts with Twitter or other sources. But definitely agree that Hootsuite, Google Analytics and Twitter are useful tools.
    You might want to check out Tumblr if you haven’t already done so – – it’s another interesting platform to showcase creativity (although I don’t think it has anywhere near the same amount of users like Facebook or Twitter).

  2. Hi Gail!
    Oh, for sure, I totally check the validity of anything read on Facebook or any other social media platform. I only really use FB as a source for my local news, and with that, I know the papers pretty well so when an article is shared from them I can trust it’s going to be accurate local news.
    I use Tumblr, but more for fun and not really for my business… like you say, it’s not really on the same level as Facebook or Twitter. It is a good time though, I post art there that I wouldn’t normally post with my regular work.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Hello! First of all, your illustration is beautiful!

    I also use Twitter and Facebook to get my news. I find that following news outlets like you mentioned in your blog is the best way to see multiple perspectives in one spot. I think that’s the benefit of social media for news. Where when print media was the best way to get news – newspapers, magazines, and so on – the consumer could only see one perspective and take in the news from one lens. Meaning if the outlet had particular values or views, that might come through in the way they convey the news. With social media, the consumer can see many perspectives at once.

    Thanks for posting!

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