COM0014 – Blog #1: A Vacation of Self Improvement

Before my vacation during the last few months, I wasn’t in the greatest place. I wasn’t doing anything, had no productive hobbies, and didn’t have the motivation needed to seek out new frontiers. However, this all changed slowly over the course of late spring to summer, and peaked as of last week. This is how my vacation went.

As far back as October of last year, my life was in shambles. Whether it was unemployment, a lack of friends, and barely any motivation to do anything, needless to say my life was in a pit, and wasn’t coming out on its own. I needed to do something. Over the course of this year, during the tense times of the outbreak, I’ve resorted to making new friends both online and in person, to great success. This came from both having an internal want and need, like all people, to want and need others in their lives. Once achieving that, I looked towards solid employment. Something I could sustain, perhaps permanently.

It was a rocky road. I live in a small town, meaning every establishment here is very cliquey, and since I’m not a well known person, nor is my family, nabbing a job has never been a cake walk for me here. However, the tables turned when I least expected them to. I got an offer from my mother’s eye doctor office a little over a week ago, asking if I was interested in being a room sanitizer, as well as guiding patients to the testing rooms when the doctors are ready for them. Jumping for joy, I said I was, and after going in for a brief interview, I was informed that I was hired the next day. This was a long time coming. A decent job for me.

I know. I didn’t really have a vacation in the traditional sense. I didn’t fly to Hawaii, or go on a road trip down to Las Vegas for some gambling, but I did take a mental vacation. One that made me relaxed, gave me perspective, and stabilized both the social and internal parts of my life. In a sense, the peak of the vacation took place last week, when I was hired, and when I told my friends that I might be able to save up for a true vacation. One that, like many other people’s ideas of one, would take me to an exotic location, or perhaps some populated city like London, England.

Life always has something strange, or at other times, wonderful around the corner. 2020 has been a really strange year for everyone, but for me, it’s been more positive than negative since I picked up the pace, and got ahead of the curb. Now, I’m looking towards the stars, and plotting a course for endless achievement.

2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #1: A Vacation of Self Improvement

  1. I am so glad that 2020 has been a positive for you, I feel kinda the same way towards this year and how its been more positive to me than negative. Mental vacations are very important and are very necessary even just to clear your brain and just re focus.

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