COM0015 – Blog 4: Out of the Social Media Marketing Box

Over the last six weeks, I have been learning about using social media in business. The learning does not stop here. Social media is a rapidly evolving space; in order to stay abreast with developments in this space, it is important to make learning a key part of work itself.

Learning is a constant feature of using social media. Source: @cbc on Giphy.

Google Alerts for personal branding

One really unexpected thing that I discovered in this course was that Google Alerts was not only a useful social listening tool but also a powerful personal branding aid. I set up an alert for my full name, and now every time it is mentioned somewhere online, I learn about it immediately.

Social media in internal communications

I have also began reading a lot about using social media for internal communications in a big company or organization. In contrast to outdated and cumbersome intranet sites, social media offer a quick and easy tool for conveying information to large groups of people and collecting instantaneous feedback.

Social media allow for instantaneous communication with large groups of employees. Source: @memecandy on Giphy.

What helps here also is that, by its very nature, social media is viewed as a low-stakes and not-too-serious communication channel. So, adopting social media for internal communications helps remove a lot of psychological and hierarchical communication barriers.

Have you discovered any interesting uses for social media that you did not think about before taking this course? Let me know in the comments below!

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