Post #7: A Personal Reflection on Storytelling

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Throughout the past few weeks, this course, Digital Communication, has put an emphasis on the importance of good storytelling. When creating digital content, it is important to be able to communicate your message in a clear, concise manner which will attract viewers to your post. Studies have shown that people are more likely to trust and follow someone who shares their personal story, as this demonstrates vulnerability. This is especially important when managing a business (whether it is becoming a full-time blogger, Instagramer, or a traditional product selling company), as people will trust and invest more into companies which have a face, and story they can relate too rather than a faceless corporation. 

When I’ve started this programme, I wanted to learn more about social media in general, I didn’t really have an exact goal in mind. I just thought that it might be useful knowledge which I could probably apply in my future career. Having a background in film means that I am very familiar with storytelling and its importance. However, I was always studying other people’s stories, and the socio-cultural repercussions of those stories. I have not put a lot of thought into my personal story, and how (should I have a business) I would create content guided by my story, or even what type of stories I wanted to share. 

In the past, inserting my experiences into my content was something I avoided at all cost, for two reasons. First, my texts were academic papers and while I did have colleagues who did write about their personal experiences, I felt uncomfortable doing so, and preferred to remain distanced from my writing. Second, adding personal experiences to those texts involved demonstrating vulnerability, which I was not ready to do. However, upon reflection of my learnings in this course, adding personal details into a text, whether it be a story from your past or sharing your favourite ice cream company, allows you to connect with others through shared experiences. While I want to continue to work in film, open dialogues about film, and share the stories told through this medium, I think remembering to open up the discussion through shared experiences will be important, as it will encourage others to share and get involved as well. 

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