Blog #4 – Out Of The Box – The Unexpected Success of Instagram Influencers

Photo by Prateek Katyal on

Social media has evolved over the years, and I think that influencer marketing has continued to surprise me. The first ever “sponsored” post that I saw was from a blogger that I watched religiously on YouTube, on her Instagram page. Originally, I thought that ads and sponsored posts would never take off, as these people are paid to discuss a product via their social media accounts and influence people to purchase them. I definitely underestimated the power of the influencer.

Now in 2020, Instagram is flooded with influencer accounts, whether that be for makeup brands, fitness brands, cookware, and so on;. I guarantee that you can find an Instagram influencer somewhere on your feed, without even trying. I find that a lot of people that were contestants on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and/or The Bachelor In Paradise have had great success in being on the show briefly and managing to become an Instagram influencer. For instance, the contestant Becca Tilley, who is one of my favourite past contestants, has over 1 million Instagram followers, her own podcast, and also paid brand deals. She has discount codes that she shares with her followers, and she also does #ad and #sponsored posts on her Instagram page.

What I also underestimated was the amount of work that goes into being an influencer. Although it is probably a lot more fun than a traditional job, these influencers have to find brands to do deals with, maintain their content and following, and when they become more popular, most likely have to find an agency to help represent them and assist them in making brand deals. I also find that influencers are more trustworthy as they are, in a sense, just “normal” people.

All in all, I feel bad for underestimating the Instagram influencer!

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