Blog #3 – Professional Development Now and In the Future

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I remember while I was in university, one of my professors mentioned the importance of networking. At that time, I was so confused because I had no clue what networking meant. I had a vague idea from television shows where the characters went to swanky parties and handed their business cards out to people who walked by. However, that wasn’t the kind of networking my professor was speaking about. They were speaking more about making connections through friends, employers, and even strangers in online communities, such as LinkedIn.

Now, I feel like I have a good grasp on networking and my personal strategies. Currently, I have a few strategies. My parent strategy is making connections through LinkedIn and constantly updating my profile and my skills. When I apply to a job, I usually look up who works at the company through LinkedIn and find who is the hiring manager or the manager of the department. I also reach out to friends or old classmates and see if they have people they know that they can connect me with. 

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I have been using Instagram for my book blog and I also think this has been a helpful strategy for me. I have generated a following in the span of only a few weeks and I ultimately would love to work for a publishing company. By using my Instagram book blog on my resume and LinkedIn page as evidence of knowing a lot about books and being able to speak about them enthusiastically, a publishing company might hire me to work in their Marketing department. 

There is a Facebook group that I am a part of for a podcast I listen to. It has nothing to do with professional development, but a lot of people in the group post about asking others to review their resume and ask for tips about networking and making connections. I recently posted asking if someone could view my resume, and multiple people replied and I got excellent feedback and tips from helpful acquaintances. 

During the next 6-12 months, I am going to continue to maintain my online presence through my Instagram and WordPress book blog. I have been making great connections in the community and will continue to do so. In addition, I will continue to work on my LinkedIn profile by making new connections and posting updated information. I am also always taking online courses to advance my skills and knowledge, and this is always useful to put on a LinkedIn profile and resume. 

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