COM0014 Blog #5 – The Brand of Kai.

The Kai experience.

So what Exactly is a a personal brand? In simplest terms, it is how you market yourself. The version of you that you want people to see. Your signature. The flavour of YOU.

However, This blog isn’t about your personal brand. It’s about mine!
The brand of Kai~

What is Kai? Kai is creative, fun, youthful, adventurous, funny, and friendly.
Sometimes also known as ScuttleBunbun.

See exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

No matter what social media feed of the fantastic Kai that you follow, you’ll always find something interesting.

My latest endeavours include Exploring the world of Asian cooking and experimenting with photography.
Plus you can look forward to adventures in jewelry making and painting soon.

Ah~ A wonderful time of creation. I am a god of arts and crafts, beloved by most of my creations.

My various medium of not to your taste? That’s okay. I am an avid Connoisseur of music AND video games. Wow! What a combo!
I am a well rounded Kai, to be sure.

So all aboard the Kai train for a fun time and random thoughts.

I may not always know what I’m doing, but I always have a fun time doing it.

What do you think? Does the great Kai sound like fun?

A you tempted to see more of me of your social feeds?

Do you have any questions for the Wonderful Kai?

ME! (Kai) – ScuttleBunbun

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